Nature's way?

The news is full of the tragic stories coming out of Haiti. Yet I am having a hard time feeling a lot of sympathy. These are people who endlessly breed like rabbits and take all the annual aid the rest of the world offers them, practice voodoo religion and keep some of the most unsanitary habits and beliefs (such as believing that peeing on your own hands will bring you luck) They sent us AIDS and a handful of MLB players who can't speak English.

Every year they get whacked by hurricanes and mudslides, now an earthquake. It's almost like Nature is trying to eradicate them anyway. Maybe instead of sending planeloads of supplies, we could send one full of napalm and finish the job?

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  • Confession: The only thing in this entire rant that made me upset was dissing voodoo, because I think it is super interesting.

  • Sorry.
    I agree.
    I just don't like third world countries.
    And I feel that once our country is in perfect shape, we can focus on those less fortunate.

  • I have similar feelings. In 200 years they couldn't organize themselves enough to form a decent system of government. They reap what they sow.

    This disaster might be the best thing that has happened to them because they have the attention of the world and like it or not there will be tens of thousands of good willed foriegners there to keep them for killing each other.

  • We're spending half our military budget killing brown people on one side of the globe, now we'll spend the other half dropping food and drugs on brown people over on our side. Most of that s*** gets confiscated by their military and sold on the black market, I hate to tell ya...

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