Let me suffer

I'm a female. It all stated since I was I'm my 30s. I just love being stepped on my belly with full weight,punching my belly hard and standing with full weight on my belly too. I can say 100% I can handle all that. While all this is going on I have my hands tied behind my back as tight as possible so I can't move them. Also I have my face slapped and spit at in my face too and rubbing all in. The other thing is I have someone sitting on my belly with their full weight so I can't move my belly at all and they have someone else sitting on their lap and so on they will stay like for a far while. Still having my hands really tied up behind back. That's my kind of torture is let me really suffer. I am not allowed to say a word to anyone if I make any kind of noise they will make me suffer even more by doing it all again. This is all without s**

Jan 9

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  • Hey dear! I must admit that your confession has turned me on. I'm a 21 year old muscular guy and I'm ready to hit and torture your belly within limits. The idea of slapping your face, kissing your tortured bely and face, excites me very much. If you're interested in talking to me somewhere, reply to this and let me know.

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