Let me suffer

I'm a female, ever since I was in my 30s I just love being punched in the belly hard as well as being stepped on with full weight on my belly also very hard. Also being slapped h****** my belly too while both of my hands are tied behind my back very tight so I can't move them. I also love it when someone sitting on my belly with full weight then someone else will on their lap and someone else will sit on their lap and so on the more of the full weight is I can't move I just have lay there with all weight on me and they will stay on me for a fair while still we both of my hands behind my back so tight still can't move them. Also love my ass being slapped so hard too until it's all red raw and turning purple. The last thing I love is my face being slapped and spit at and rubbing all the spit into my face still have hands behind back. I don't know why but I just love these things. This is all without s******

Jan 10

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  • I have always loved being stepped on. Sneakers, boots, high heels. I love the weight and pain it brings. I'm with you also on spitting in my face. I love the humiliation of being spit on while laying on the floor at the feet of dominant women. Being spit on then having it rubbed into my face with their feet. A couple of weeks ago I hired a hi scale h***** for trampling and boot worship. She took her feet and stuck them in my mouth till her toes were touching the back of my throat. She started mouth f****** me with her foot. Every time her toes hit the back of my throat I would gag. She kept doing this till I threw up. She pulled her foot out, wiped it off on my shoulder, and shoved it back in my mouth. While degrading me with her words she starts f****** my mouth again. And again I threw up. A new kink was born.

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