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your first sexual experience, if you want.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I was 15 (f) me and my boyfriend at his parents house with them not home. I had a tough hymen he kept pushing it in until it broke, hurt like h*** and I bled.

  • im 21...female...i just got eaten out for the first time by a guy that came out of a 7 year relationship. he gave me my first o*****. i came in his mouth so much c** leaked down is back, on his face and chest, he had to wipe down with a towel.
    i love him and i want him to get over her so i can make him the happiest guy ever

  • It was with my current boyfriend. He was rubbing his d*** on my p****, and I was so turned on at that point, after he had fingered me, I slid on the condom and let him f*** me.
    Hurt. Like. H***. F***** has a ten inch c***. And i'm tight.
    S** still hurts for me a little.

  • Was in a cold swimming pool. For the first time my p**** touched v*****. I slipped in. The water and my p**** were very cold. The body heat once I put it in made me explode instantly. It was shocking.

    So much for a perfect first time. Still felt good. I don't know if she knew I came.

  • My neighbor's wife got pregnant just before he deployed. In her third trimester she was h**** all the time and I herd her complaining to my mom about it. I went over and offered her my services in exchange for my silence. We must of did it like a 200 times in three months. After the baby was born we never did it again and never talked about it again.

  • In my buddy's bed with his neighbor. The Cure- Live in Paris was playing on the cd. It was good but awkward. She bled a lot. My buddy was p***** that we got it on his sheets. It was cool seeing her walk funny though. What a crybaby.

  • I was at my bff house i called the boy to meet me i walked down the road to meet him we went to his house that was being built we did it on the kitchen counter it was horrible

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