When I was 14 I was a friends house and we were all taking drugs as usual. I was so messed up that I didn't think twice about the gay guy sleeping next to me. I had just met him and he was really cool and super gay! Later that night he took a bunch of pills and I guess couldn't handle himself under this influence and he ended up forcing his hand down my pants. He had molested me. I pushed this memory so far back that I literally forget about it. I'm forever sober now.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Sober or not, you're still a loser.

  • Maybe you need something to do with your life? Bored? Feelin really bored? Here's an idea, go stick your head in a gas oven and smoke a cigarette while your at it. End of your bordum r*****

  • Oh wah... having your junk grabbed by an aquatint is hardly a life disabling action.

    Pushed back into memory, or partially forgotten due to drug influence.

    It happened. You didn't stop it? This was a friend, not a adult who abused their authority.

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