I don't think I'm up for feminism anymore

It's turns out guys are just people and the world is truly equally sexist against them. Hmm... to be 'objectionised' or to take the guy fate and be called a 'monster'? So sorry guys I was ever sexist towards you, I now realize society brainwashes EVERYONE and I'm glad to be making guy friends. Stand up for your own rights though and don't let society tell you that you are any less moral than chicks. I wouldn't. I'm still gonna be all 'girls CAN do martial arts and business if they wanna!' so guys need to start getting off their butts and evening the odds. Make a better world and all that crud.

See ya.

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  • :) I like the first replier.

  • ^^ That's not what the Fair and Balanced people at Fox News say! You must be some kind of socialist. America was founded by Jesus for the enjoyment of good Christians only and it says so in the Bible.. someplace, I'm not sure where, but it's IN there! And if you don't agree then you are part of the Left Wing Conspiracy that is trying to make us kill our grandparents and our unborn fetuses, and wants to teach homosexuality and evolution in schools instead of the word of JESUS. The Democrats, gays and Muslims are in league with Satan which is the reason for every problem in this country.

    (Yes, I'm being facetious.)

  • ^ Nicely put!

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