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I work at a major haircut franchise. I’ve been at the same store for almost 10 years and have quite a few regulars
Last weekend one of my regulars came in. He is a middle aged guy. Probably 50 or so. He is fit and kinda handsome, but mostly bald. He comes in every 2 weeks or so to get trimmed up. He usually comes in in jeans but I noticed... [more]

Late 50's married man cd sucked c*** at AB store

I am a married man that my wife does not know I love c*** or I am a crossdresser. Last weekend I dressed with my sexiest panties, bra and stockings. I was wearing a nice top and woman's jeans. I went to an adult book store theater and over two hours there sucked a number of [more]

Late 50's married man cd sucked c*** at AB store

I am a married man that my wife does not know I love c*** or I am a crossdresser. Last weekend I dressed with my sexiest panties, bra and stockings. I was wearing a nice top and woman's jeans. I went to an adult book store theater and over two hours there sucked a number of [more]

Massage from a guy

I get regular massages, the legitimate kind, it helps with my back and legs which have been a problem for over a decade.
The one I use is named Marie, she is Hispanic, she and her husband run a home office, just a spare room set up with a shower and a table.
I have seen her about 30 times now, but a few weeks ago she had something else to do and... [more]

He got the best deal ever.

My husband and I decided to have a final fling before we tied the knot, More just as a final blowout before settling down than anything, we discussed just doing something together and he brought up the "Final fling" idea, We like to get a bit wild and crazy but have never done something with someone else alone...If that makes sense, Like we have... [more]

I w*** while watching television

I've just watched watched The Syndicate and spent the whole hour with my c ock in my hand.
So much h**** c*** !!!
Emily Head in particular
( Carli from Inbetweeners ).
She is blonde, 32years old, only 5ft tall with nice 32B [more]

OMG Miley

I watched Miley Cyrus at the Final Four yesterday and she was incredibly spectacular and unbelievably beautiful and amazingly talented!! There just is nobody who has half the star power or half the skills or who is half the woman. Miley is super perfect and I am just in total love with her!!!

I'm an American of German ancestry.

After my grandparents death I inherited their property. They had always been stellar grandparents to me. I loved them.
Searching through their belongings I discovered a trunk. It was heavy and it was hard to unlock. I finally got it open and there was anti Semetic N*** literature there in... [more]

MY stepfather died in 2005

He had several doctors visits pending and I had to tell everyone that called he had died. One clerk seemed mad when she asked why he had not shown up for his appointment and after I told her what had happened she apologized all over herself.

I was overheard using obscene language.. My apology didn't help.

I got fired anyway. Don't cuss at a sophisticated company if you want to continue to work there. Be smarter than I was and speak in a civil manner.

FemDomme Tummy Puncher

I am a FemDomme with several submissive female belly slaves. I love soft bellies of all sizes. The sexiest part of this fetish is to handcuff her wrists above her head and start light and slow, in the solar plexus area, moving downward with a little more strength behind each punch. Seeing a hot female writhe in agony while uttering an “oof” or an... [more]

step daughters sexy feet

I'm not a foot fetish kind of guy, but something about my stepdaughters feet really turns me on!! Especially when she wears sandals or flip flops. When im home alone I go to her room and smell and lick her sandals mmmm (I'm getting aroused as I confess this) I love licking the part of the sandal where her foot goes! I often joke with her about her... [more]

Box of things I need someone to see.

I really need to get all of this off my chest. I think something is wrong with me, I think I'm going crazy. Like, for real. I just, I've been seeing things and hearing things since I was little. I just don't think I'm right in the head.
I've been hearing sounds and things that aren't real. Like I'll hear a faint conversation from time to time... [more]

He forced himself on me

I'm the only child and it was nice having my cousin act like a big brother making sure no one gave me trouble,I did have a bf and that didn't last long when my cousin hit him for sleeping with me and through the lockdowns we chatted everyday, coming to the end of the last one he got me to send him a picture and he said i looked fit and kept asking... [more]

A lady overheard sme j*** bragging about raping a 14 year old gir

She overheard this conversation and sneaked outside and called the police. They were arrested and the victim identified her attackers. Good going lady.

I know parenting isn’t easy but damn..

I knew parenting wasn’t going to be easy. I helped my mom take care of my youngest sister when she was born. I’ve been in relationships with single mothers so I know parenting isn’t easy but dammmn like I’m up to my neck with my current relationship. I want to make it work and I really do want it but sometimes the kid makes it hard. He’s 4 yrs old... [more]

Transgender isn't a thing

There are only 2 genders m************

Dear Simon

This is a confession to my old pal Simon.
Yes, I f***** your sister, even though you told me not to. How could I resist?
Your sister was an alluring piece of tight ass. you thought her an innocent, little flower. However you are wrong, very wrong.
I took your sister, not out of spite, but because... [more]

Small c*** exposure and humiliation

I have a small c***, about 2" soft and 3" fully erect. I used to be embarrassed about how small it is, but after a few experiences where it was seen by other people I realised it turned me on to be exposed like this. Since then I've taken every chance to expose my little [more]

Disrespectful step little 18 year old baby boy

I hate this little b******. His mom always jumps to his defense. The little j*** chased kids around the classroom with razor blades he took out of a pencil sharpener. He tried to attack me for shutting his video game off, he constantly has a [more]

I worked for the same company doing the same thing for 47 years

I retired when I was 65 from a warehouse job I had with the state. My salary was low and the work was hard. The benefits were mediocre.
Still it was a job and about as good as a barely graduated from high school man could get and keep.
I get a check and social security and inherited money from my now deceased parents. I live frugally... [more]

Children from h***.

I married into a rather large family, before this it was just me and my mom.
My husband's sister is a spoilt brat. She's got 4 kids from different dad's, married/divorced (her marriage paid for her house and she kept it after her divorce.). Her kids are nightmares. They do whatever they want and at family gatherings it's basically a free for... [more]

I think my son is using my dirty panties?!

My son is 12, I noticed that my panties were slightly wet (in the crotch area) when I went to do the laundry and the discharge was mostly gone. I'm not sure how to go about this as we are close and we never have problems. I'm disappointed.

You're not born a conspiracy theorist

My parents are both anti vaxxers, my dad completely denies that covid exists and he's also an anti masker, but I'm pro vaccine and pro mask. So don't worry :), you're not born with those embarrassing beliefs, you're taught them.
Also, a question for anti maskers.
How come you all say that masks are bad for your health, but nurses and... [more]

Recovering from Nice-Guy Syndrome

I'm 20 now, and for many years I was the run of the mill "nice guy." After a year of studying how to undue this behavior, I finally resolved it.
Being a good person is overrated. You put people who will f*** you over before yourself. Sometimes you need to crack some eggs if you want to make an... [more]

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