Public beach

I think my most embarrassing moment was being washed on shore practically showing everything. It's risky wearing a string bikini in waving beach, but showing off a lot of skin when you have nice body is kind of sexy having guys looking you. That day I was in waist high water waving at my two girl friends and their boy friends with my back... [more]

Bedwetting just doesn't end

I'm good 17 and I still have issues night time. I tried everything. Medicine, less water, waking up at night, wetting alarms, but nothing is working.
I thought 4 years ago that when I hit puberty things would be different, but it just doesn't end. I hate it so much. It's ruining my life. I can't stay over at friends place, or have a sleepover... [more]

Girlfriend has got fat

My girlfriend has got fat, and I really like it. I wanna confess to her that I love how soft she is getting and how sexy her figure is and how I want to see her get bigger. She has gone from about 150lbs to about 220lbs over the last year or so.
I don't know if I am going crazy, but I feel like she knows I like it and is dropping hints about... [more]

Turned into a sissy slave

I confess that for the last week i have been turned into a sissy slave. I was made to wear girly slippers and panties and bra i was then made to record myself spanking my ass 20 times hard while i counted each slap. I was then made to get dressed up the next day in my sissy outfit and dance for her really girly like twerking my ass to ariane... [more]

I'm feeling sick

I went on my first lesbian date ever in an attempt to try something new with my newfound singleness.
Everything went great... until she told me what her intentions were. In that moment, everything became real. This was a real human with real feelings looking for a commitment and I'm just here looking for fun.
I spent the rest of the evening... [more]

Corporate Fellas

I'm a 29 year old straight man. I've been having fantasies and wet dreams of men recently. I really reaallyyy wanna suck off a rich corporate guy, preferably who's into cats like I am. I'm afraid to tell my girlfriend about these dreams, because she's been under the assumption that I've been dreaming about her. What do I do?

Fat girls are so hot

I wish i could politely tell the big, beautiful e-girl i'm f****** that i find her weight super attractive. she's so hot - she doesn't look slovenly or unkempt, she just looks fat and sexy and i don't know how to explain the difference other than her wild hair, her piercings and the way she... [more]

I think my ex friend is a DL with feeling for me

It’s 2021 we stopped being friends about two months ago to paint you a better picture that was in August we were decent friends our friendship started in high school but IG I had to be honest I think that was only because we were forced to talk to each and that’s how a friendship started. Oh I forgot to mention that I am pansexaul, mom-binary and... [more]

That went sideways.

10 years ago I was at a party with about 20-25 people, Just an average after bar party, It was at some random house of someone who knew someone or someone who offered to throw a party or whatever, I was having fun and flirting with one guy in particular, My friend Jess came up and said she needed a bathroom but the main one was "occupied" so the... [more]

I want to feed my girlfriend to gain weight

How can we make her tummy appear much larger is there a belt or device so we can explore the idea without growing my girl to fast so she can get the simulated sensation of a big hanging tummy resting on me she likes the thought of not seeing or being able to reach around it so I have to do those things for her she's pretty large already... [more]

My son acts like a dog

No kidding... My son acts like a dog (let's just say his name is Arty) I told my son we couldn't have a dog, so I guess his reasoning was to become the dog. Arty's 9 years old. He's been doing this for quite a while. He folded up his blanket to be a makeshift dog bed. He barks at cats whenever we pass one. Arty sticks hid out the window on... [more]

My revenge cheating after bf cheated.

Three years ago, I was 23 a graduate from GT “Go Yellow Jackets!” with a degree in Health & Medical Science, got an apartment North of Atlanta, a job at a sports complex that’s currently helping me pay for medical school.
I’m a push over with no luck in guys, long story, I met Ethan. He works for a large bank and does something with contracts. He... [more]

In Defense of Lucifer/Satan

The Abrahamic god made a binding mistake when he unwittingly and without merit expropriated Lucifer from His rightful place on His Throne in that fortress, commonly referred to site “heaven.” Once Lucifer was gone, that obscene place became even more irrational and unnecessary. It was Lucifer who held it together through His magnificence and... [more]

No s**

I (female) and my partner (also female) have been together for 10 years, but havent had s** for 7.
At first s** life was normal then started drying up a bity then she told me she was asexual. I was supportive, I didnt want to force anyone to have [more]

Pay back

I pushed my sister naked out of the house for flirting with my boy friend. Then a called two of my boy friend's friends to pick her up. !Wow! never saw two guys so happy to pick up a naked girl. The next day she picked up her stuff and moved out.

I got pantsed at school

I was wearing a pink g-string when it happened and I want to die

Weird guy keeps asking me to lunch!

I just started my first job at a mail center. It’s just temporary because I’ve always been full time student at a major university until this year. I currently have two Master’s Degrees. My first is in Political Science and my second is WGS. I was working on my third in Library Studies but turned 26 and my parents began FORCING me pay for my own... [more]

Pantyhose Spank

I love my man because he meets my unique needs without questioning. I am a housewife. I love providing a clean, healthy and happy environment for him to come home to. I love serving him. We have been married 14 years. We decided not to have kids.
I spend my days nearly naked, except for tan pantyhose and slippers. I have a deep love for... [more]

Why can't I say no to him.

26 years ago, When I was 17 I went to a lake party, Just down a back road by a little lake and we were partying, My then boyfriend left with another girl, just up and left, I knew what was up so I started drinking more heavily, My cousins then boyfriend was there and offered me a ride home. I jumped in his truck with him and his friend, Went back... [more]


He is so hot.

I circumcised myself

I made my own circumcision device and gave myself a perfect circumcision

So that happened

Last night my wife had a friend over, They were drinking heavily and we ended up having a three way, 21 years of marriage and it finally happened, I am 45, My wife 43 and her friend 44. They went to college together, Went separate directions but always stayed close friends and we would visit her often, My wife was her maid of honor and I got along... [more]

I want to stop

I met my boyfriend six months ago at a club and we went to a party together after then back to his place, We were kinda getting down, I was sitting on his lap and had my top off when his room mate walked in on us, I sorta tried to stop but he kept it going and we all ended up in bed together, I thought it was going to be a one off and really... [more]

Insecure on "over eating"

So for the past 5 years ive went from being bulimic to orthorexic, i live with my 4 siblings my mom and her boyfriend. they all eat crap but they eat like birds eating a rice cake for breakfast up until dinner where they eat basically mashed potatoes corn and steak every night then have some ice cream or whatever.
but me on the other hand eat 3... [more]

So weird, I kind of miss it.

I was always the good girl and never got too wild in my teen years, Waited till I was 18 to have my first sexual encounter and was only with 2 guys before I got married to my 3rd, It took us 3 years to get pregnant the first time and I was always a little reserved and whatever, I wore lingerie but it was a pretty normal [more]

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