I’m a sissy and I love it!

I love dressing in women’s clothes and cruising for s**

When I see an attractive woman

I don't just think 'I want to have s** with you' I think 'I want to get you pregnant' I wish I could do that. Of course in a scenario where everyone is happy and there are no consequences for me. I'm a man, biologically speaking it is my purpose to get as many women as possible pregnant.

Maybe the wrong call.

My wife and I stayed with her mom at the family cabin after a wedding, We had 3 other couples stay there with us and then 2 more couples came over the next morning. The night of the wedding my wife and I were cracking jokes about how drunk her mom was getting and by the end of the night she was s***... [more]

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First time wearing panties.

I remember clearly the first time I wore girls panties. I was 8 years old and at my grandmas house and my girl cousins were staying there and the they just got a slip and slide water slide toy for their birthday. I did not have a bathing suit with me so my parents just let me play on it in my shorts and underwear. After I was done my shorts and... [more]

I have to adopt a new lifestyle and be her girlfriend

Before he could actually penetrate with his p**** I told him to get off. Tried pushing him off, he wasn't budging. I grabbed his b**** under my leg and asked him politely to get off. I recognize and realize I don't like it and I don't want it.
I... [more]

Adoption is the Ultimate Cuck

While great for the kid, raising someone else's DNA is the most evolutionary degrading thing a man can do. You take on the burden of raising a child for years and none of your traits go in the DNA pool. The man that sired the child gets off scot-free from any responsibility but his biological identity lives on through future generations.

Girls knickers .

Until i was aged 11 , i went to a mixed school in England . The girls wore loose green flanelette knickers . It was part of their school uniform . At break times . They liked to do handstands agianst a wall . There dresses would always fall over their faces . Leaving their knickers and belly on show . Girls also did handstands against walls on... [more]

My wifes sister .

It was before we were married . We were at my wifes parents house . Me and my wife were sitting on the couch watching Tv . My wife was leaning against my shoulder , facing the TV . Her younger sister walked in to the room , and climbed on the far end of the couch . She kneeled on the couch . Then she swung her legs round and leaned against the arm... [more]

Marriage of convenience

Looking at our marriage from the outside no one realizes that it was a sped up pity marriage. She was 22, and her visa wasn't renewed and she had to return to her home country, Turkey. She was devasted, didn't want to go back, social issues are repressive, meaningful jobs are scarce, and her parents didn't approve of her 'choices'. In a last... [more]

I broke my dad's b**** for fun and I don't feel bad about it

So I'm a 13 year old middle school girl, and my friend told me what b**** are. She said she messes with her brothers b**** all the time, she kicks them whenever I go to her house - it's so funny 🤣
Well I wanted to try it myself, so I chose my dad... [more]


I got my skirt forcefully held up, panties taken off in the the school bathroom by a group of girls. They did it in front of three boys to embarrass me, telling me to keep my legs spread. I never said anything because they threatened to pinned my panties on the school's bulleting board with my name on.

Wife goes topless for the first time.

My wife and I went to Aruba for our honeymoon when we got married. We were both 40 years old and young at heart. The first day on the beach my wife saw women going topless and asked if it was legal there. I said yes and she said she wanted to try it. She asked if it would bother me if others saw her topless. I told her she had pretty [more]

I kicked a guy in the b****

One time i kicked a guy in the b**** at a party, he fell to the floor in pain and was trying to get up but he couldnt stand up because of the pain. He was super embarrassed. It was so funny seeing him struggle holding his crotch while trying to act manly until a guy helped him to the bathroom.

I want to be kidnapped and made a pet

I know it’s odd but I wanna be kidnapped and turned into someone’s human pet and be forced to eat dog food and sleep on a dog bed or outside and have to walk on all fours and act and be treated exactly like a dog and not in a sexual way at all


I feel so tired. I'm in highschool right now and I have very strict parents. My dad just told he he's going to take my phone and computer away, so my social life and the only way i can communicate with people. He's planning on taking my phone and computer Saturday (today is Tuesday) and is going to give them back in march. My head is hurting from... [more]


Anyone desire this


I have read a few confessions and now lay in bed with my c*** and desperately want to c** with someone

Marrying the wrong person

Maybe by the time you read this, id be gone already. So i wanna talk to someone, tell how i feel and why every single minute seemed like a f****** struggle.
I married the girl I dated for a decade following 2 to 3 years of trying to make her fall for me. I begged in front of god everyday. YES... [more]

Shameful bellybutton

That sins i was little i have been playing with my belly button. When i was little i had a big outie belly button. I started to play with it as a form of comfort but also to calm my nerves. The older i got the darker that area became. With that my outie became an innie that i can pull out. Now my belly button not only does it bring me comfort and... [more]

What this website think feel believe i am

Profound mentally retarded a person that don't understand learn know nothing uncapable Moderate mentally retarded a person that understand learn know very very little limited Severely mentally retarded a person that understand learn know very little limited Mildly mentally retarded a person that understand learn know limited amount of stuff... [more]

I like smelling my butt

Hello, I'm a 22F and I have an embarrassing confession. I like to smell my own ass and farts and s***. Sometimes I would just stick my finger in my b******* and sniff, gross I know but it turns me on so much. Also, I like seeing skidmarks in my... [more]

Caught dressing

My wife was at work and I was home alone. Our house a is off the road aways. I love dressing sexy in my wife's clothes. I had bought some myself. I went up in the bed room. Shaved all over smooth. I got out panties, bra, stockings, slip.and a beautiful dress. I have a wig, blond long hair. Well I got all dressed up. Looked in the mirror. I looked... [more]

H**** Mom Playing H****** of Sons Friend

My son had a sleep over. More showed up than expected. I offered my bed for additional sleeping. I was too turned on to resist a p**** poking me that I ended up rubbing it to a c**. Forever after I fantasized of getting more of 17 hardest ever. I am asking... [more]

Pool party

These boys asked me if I could help them take a bunch of drinks to a group of girls sitting by the pool side. They handed me two drinks and pointing at the group of girls on the other side of the swimming pool. They were following behind with the rest of the drinks telling me "the're over there" I remember I was standing in front of them with... [more]

Took it to her grave

26 years ago I heard my step sister come in the house, She was 19 and still living at home, I was 16 had she been out late and I assumed she would be drunk as per usual, Being she had already woke me up I eventually got up and went for a drink of water, I could hear her snoring as I went past her door o my way back to my room but I could see that... [more]

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