This happens more often ths=an people admit.

When I was working on two occassions at two different companies I ** my pants. I thought I had a ** going no one was around and it turned out to be diarreah **. I of course had to go home and change... [more]

When you get fired losing your health insurance is almost as bad

Losing your health insurance due to termination is almost as bad as losing your salary.

My aunts dirty knickers are a real treat

I used to live with my aunt and whenever she went out I would go in her room and sniff her clean knickers. A week later I noticed she left her pyjamas on the bed, I picked them up and her dirty knickers were there. *Sniff* 🤯
While I was sniffing her dirty knickers I was also looking for the dirty washing bag, which just happened to be... [more]

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Incident at The American Red Cross in Atlanta Ga

I was an employee at the ARC for some months and talk about a fish out of water there that was me. I was a terrible employee making one mistake after another.
One day after flubbing up some project I asked to see the head of HR and see if they couldn't help me a bit or if I should just resign. The HR gentleman didn't want to speak me but... [more]

My maid aunty sleeping **

I was in class 10th ... My maid is working in our home since 6 yrs I knew her very well she is so slim white and her ** were small but pointed... One day on December it was cold since she was late she decided to stay in our home and my mom told me to move in my another room that is far away from... [more]

Was I a hero, a loser or a bit of both?

I was standing up on the school bus on my way home. There was a short stocky girl in front of me. OK two boys thought it would be funny to shove me into this girl. She was minding her own business just like I had been.
The two boys began shoving me into the "fat" girl in front of me. I fought back grabbing the sides of the bus seats and... [more]

What would you do?

Here's my story:
A little background. This happened the year before Covid. I was 48 at the time. I'm no supermodel but after 3 kids, eating healthy, yoga and run in a few 5k each year. I can still wear a size small bikini. I'm also a leggy 5'9". My husband is two years older and we hike together and still maintain a healthy [more]

Ventriloquist in Vietnam

This black friend of mine in the army was a ventriloquist. He learned it on his own and he was good at it. He liked pot and beer and he hated gooks.
He was real high and one day we came upon a dead ** in a semi skeletal state. He cut the head off and put it up on a stick and did the funniest... [more]


Colonize Latin America, they’ve lost themselves. But leave out Argentina and Uruguay, they are civilized people.

I’m in love with a girl that doesn’t love me back im married

I’ve been married for some time and we had issues. We also divorced and got back together. In the midst of the seperation I feel madly in love with a girl. She’s beautiful and takes great care of herself unlike my wife thst drinks and smokes and is overweight. Anyways, the girl I feel in love with knows my history with my wife. I was madly in love... [more]

I’m a lesbian

I’m not girly I’m now tomboyish however why do hot girls only like the boyish looking lesbians?? I’m not bad looking at all. I don’t have the lesbian haircut and have long hair and I don’t act like a guy. I May look like a lesbian i get questioned constantly almost like I have to prove being a lesbian which [more]


I was ** for my virginity in order to destroy me and my family. I will be killed soon. This is genocide of me and my family. Not a single scum will be responsible for the genocide of me and my family. I want to die from pain and helplessness

Trrye story about a pervert teacher who looked at underage boys

When I was under 12 I was a grammar school student. I like everyone else in the world had to use the bathroom from time to time. ONe of the old maid teachers would stand in the boys room looking at boys use the urinal. Our penises were not big at all.
One day I was in the restroom and I knew the teacher was going to show up. I had my... [more]

I don’t find my wife attractive anymore

I’ve been on and off with my wife for years. She’s my best friend, however she drinks a lot and smokes. It’s so gross. I tried getting her to work out with me because we’re not in our twenties anymore, but she refuses. We don’t have ** at all. The last time we had [more]

Am I the only one?

I try to be romantic and i want to be romantic with someone. I read romance novels and I watch romantic comedies as well but no one is romantic anymore. Are we such a dead generation? Why do people hate love so much? Why can’t love be beautiful? I hear about open and poly relationships and that’s not at all something I want. I want to love and... [more]

I can’t stand ghetto People

I find them gross and ignorant. I cannot stand how they talk and live in this world? All they do is collect welfare like rats and refuse to work. Why even bother living, if you’re like that? These leeches just wake up to collect welfare, like it’s their job. They sell drugs and are thugs. All that rap music must have destroyed their brains. It’s... [more]

Women who go to bars…

I’m noticing a lot of women that are between the ages of 21-35 are a bunch of alcoholics. They sleep around with random men probably getting an STD. Then, they say they don’t want kids so you’re just going to be a bar stool until you die? Your friends are growing up and you’re still waiting for them to call you for a drink??? Why? You’re going to... [more]

My friend was falsely accused of something

So, my friend was falsely accused by a young girl of “grooming” he never touched the girl. He also met her one time. He chatted with her on the phone by texts. She said she had evidence of grooming but she has nothing. She goes and bad mouths him to everyone and people automatically believe her. His reputation gets ruined but she was a known drug... [more]

I work at a health clinic and people are the worst!!!!

I try my best to help people. I offer advice to them and I treat them with respect. The majority of the patients are minorities and immigrants. I’m all for helping people but why do they act so entitled? Why do they assume we owe them something? I do my job but my annoyance for those people is increasing. I don’t hate anyone because of race or... [more]

My secret

I am a part time straight male crossdresser. My wife is aware and is semi-approving. Though she doesn't know that I have clothes, makeup and shoes in my car and sometimes I dress in my car and then go about my day.

Mother in law

I want my mother in law so bad any other mother in laws have ** with there son in laws

Man Who Sleeps in Training Pants and Women's Lingerie

Every night I wear adult sized toddler style training pants and women's lingerie to bed.

Mother in law

I want my mother in law do bad I see her looking at ** and I steel her ** to ** in and put them back any mother in law advice

Should God forgive man or should man forgive God?

Since the world is full of pain and misery that a kind, just, loving all knowing all powerful God can plainly see why does he do nothing to ease this pain? I don't believe in God but if I'm wrong and he does exist what good is he? You pray and nothing happens.

Getting old is fine but it does have downsides

My mother lived to be 97. My friends mother died in her early 70's and when I told my mother what a tragic event that was my mother said this. Everybody has to die and she at least has it behind her.
Ok my mother dies at age 97. I was 74. I'm now 76. I have out lived, all four of my very best friends. I have one other friend whose still... [more]

A PCP pot head told me I should change my lifestyle

He definitely was having more ** with women and partying more than I was. I quit hanging out with him and my life improved almost immediately. I got a girlfriend and I drank much much less
His problem was he wanted his thrills here and now and was unwilling to wait. Well he died six years ago and... [more]

Why do blacks from other countries look down on American blacks?

Blacks from Africa often distance themselves from American blacks. So do Caribbean blacks and South American blacks. They stay away from American blacks for much the same reason many whites do. Laziness, poor academic behaviour not to mention violent and aggressive behaviour often for no reason at all. I personally saw a white guy who liked... [more]

I didn't know it was a snuff film

I like watching fail videos because I like to see that somebody is having a worse day than me. There is one that I found a year ago and it made me laugh. I've watched it many times, but it was cut. Today, I saw the full version and I learned that the two men in the video died as a result of their accident. I feel guilty about that, I had no idea... [more]

I hate women.

I hate women.

The lonely depressed alcoholic cycle

I hate this feeling of being lonely it feels stupid what usually helps me is drinking but I have been trying to get that under control but when I try to sit here sober I feel like **. I have always had this slight thought of just taking myself out but I know its bull and I wont but sometimes when I... [more]

War tory from the Vietnam era

I'm white but many of my comrades in arms and friends were not white. My favorite companion white or not was Robin the wonder boy from Motown. He got the name Wonder boy because his last name was Robin.
Vietnamese bar owners would sometimes put up signs that read "No ** allowed". This was... [more]

I saw a trans **

I was on a ** web site after smoking close to a 8 ball of crack. I was so ** **! I have never in my life thought of seeing a trans person before that day.and have never had [more]

I made a mess of her dirty thong

I work as a heating and air technician and I am on the residential crew and this position gets me into many homes every week and a lot of the ladies are very attractive.
This morning my first call was in a very wealthy neighborhood with 2 million dollars homes.
I knocked on the door and a dark haired lady answered, she was in her early 40s and... [more]

Goodbye Madam Bell you old scammer you

For decades you ran a house dedicated to reading palms and looking into your crystal ball. You were a fake but an interesting fake. Your crystal ball was the real item. Real crystal instead of a plain glass ball. Your tarot deck looked like it was made in the dark ages. Your room looked scary with weird old books in your library.
You... [more]

Good deeds, Karma and termination

There was this homeless beggar who I gave money to every day on my way to work if I saw him. At the time I was working for Home Depot. The HR powers that be said in so many words that I wasn't worth a ** and they fired me.
OK well darn. I felt sorry for two people. Myself and the beggar. ... [more]

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