I wish I could stop fantasizing about her

We are probably never going to properly confess or date, but holy shittt she is so mf beautiful, like I think?? It's natural to think about doing sexual stuff with ur crush sometime s, but I feel really guilty especially when they make sexual jokes and I'm like ghhh, like I'm sat there while we are on call and she's breathing into the mic and my... [more]

Teasing men

Hi, this is all new to me, a colleague at work told me about the site. I am 37, female, work as a PA which is a personal assistant

The good old days

I was 17 when I saw a boy dragged out of a public park bathroom completely naked. These boys did it for revenge to shame in front of a bunch girls outside. I remember girls laughing at him because his d*** got hard and unable to cover it. It was horrible, but they were all looking and so I did the... [more]

I wish I had a d***

I really wish I had a p****. it turns me on so much just thinking about it. sometimes I put a sock in my underwear to give myself a bulge. I also love watching p*** and thinking of myself as the guy. am I trans?

I wore the panties of my best friends girlfriend

I saw her panties in the laundry room and had my eye on them, it was a nice white silky lace thong. I put them on and felt so nice on my butt . I’m writing this as im wearing them and im trying my hardest not to get Precum all over them.

Night with my sister

My sister invites me over to to her house once a week to have a few drinks. One night we got really drunk and she told me that she has always wanted to be raped. I don't think much about it at the time. But later that week I keep thinking of having sexy with her. My sister is a bigger girl but is still sexy. So the next week I was over I keep... [more]

I pooped my pants

I was driving home and I couldn’t hold it so I p***** and s*** myself. it was honestly so relieving I want to do it again

Today was Interesting

Well my now ex and I broke up today and I'm really messed up in the head over it cause of all that has happened I'm just learing that she send nudes and s*** to my friends and everything I have been really sad about this and m losing alot grip on life and now people are sending me death treats

The dictionary definition of mentally slow sound like accusation

The encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn sound like the truth The dictionary definition of mentally slow a person that mentally retarded sound like a false accusation not a definition

My father in law drank my Milk

I was sat on the sofa using a breastpump whilst waiting for my newborn to wake up when my father in law walked in, he grabbed my b*** and started sucking at it!

The Filipino lady.

Their is a pretty Filipino lady. I stuff pillows in a shirt I climb on top in a straddle position looking at her picture I printed out. I put her picture on top the same length of the pillows I climb on top sitting straddle position I am moving up and down kissing her picture. I keep on until I [more]

Halloween as a girl

I have been dressing as a girl all my life, I started at a very young age. I came from a family of two older sisters, my mom & dad & myself, we were raised back when, a s** change was just being heard of, so I had to be really sneaky to not be caught. The more I dressed, the more embolden I became & the... [more]

He ruined the whole thing

My best friend and I went out the other night, My parents were away and so we had some drinks and a few more and came home drunk, Only my brother and his friend were at the house but I could tell he had just recently kicked other people out because they were still cleaning up. We went to my room and my friend (Wren) went to get a drink, When she... [more]

My mother the police officer at a one police officer station

Last Friday night my mother had her first shift as a police officer at a one member police station and at about 6pm I bought her some dinner and she said it's very very quiet tonight with not much happening and so I asked her if the station had police holding cells/jail cells and she said yes of course it does and so I immediately asked her if I... [more]

I have this stalker who won't leave me alone

This stalker won't leave me alone he thinks he knows me but he does not he looks up the internet for my address and my family names and he gets them wrong he won't stop and i am scared he will be showing up my house and try to kill me or worse rape me i just want him to stop i can not write anything on here without him being an ass

Im a sussy baka 🤪🤓

Im kind of a sussy baka 🥸 i wasfirst diagnosed with artism at the age of 4 😒 whatever the f*** it means 🙄 but anyway i always finger myself all the time and call myself a sussy f****** b**** 🥺😍🤤... [more]

I like peeing through my skirt

I'm a 17 year old girl and I have this weird obsession with wetting my underwear. I usually will wear a skirt and then discreetly go for it so only my underwear is wet and I'll keep it on that way lol

Requesting a Spanking from Leanne

Yesterday afternoon I watched a local mother named Leanne spank her son Ethan over her knee with her ebony hairbrush while I was at their place mowing the lawn for them and after she Spanked her son Leanne said I saw you watching me spank Ethan over my knee and so I asked her if she could spank me the same way and she said are you sure that's what... [more]

I wish there was an Omega Variant

All these stupid f****** people in just America alone and Covid-19 failed me. The Delta Variant doesn't seem to be doing the work either. I'm sure that an Omega Variant would be the perfect plague I asked for.
Perhaps then, these morons taking horse de-worming paste by the tube-full and crying... [more]

My car got stuck in dirt

I was some driving my car in backyard of a property to a roof job and there was a spot in the yard and I was trying to back my car up onto the side of the house so I was out the way and it'll be easier to move materials up the ladder. I went to the edge of the property and started backing up and car got stuck. a shed was moved and the dirt was... [more]

I nearly crapped my pants!

I sometimes hire prostitutes. I am a mid 40's male in a sexless marriage. Prostitutes are an easy, no strings way to get what I need without complication.
I have a mid 20's cute girl I see on a regular basis. Last week she surprised me by telling me her younger sister (Elizabeth) needed some money and wanted to meet a a couple of willing males... [more]

The watermelon plumbing incident

Okay here's how The story goes I must confess I have to go to a maintenance call on a clogged toilet. I first obviously tried to plunge the toilet with the plunger and I have another toilet snake tool that was not going to go for the down or just jammed so I had to pull the toilet. And this is actually apartment I live in one of the units it's... [more]

Being tested

Went to dinner with wife and an old friend/neighbor. The old friend/neighbor is a female who is ex-wife of a still close good friend. She had too much to drink to drive home and is now asleep on my couch. She was always attractive to me and now is more than ever. She is going thru a rough patch and very visibly upset about her current situation... [more]

My lucky day

I was sitting in the pool side with my girl friends when this boy from our school came up to us. He was was standing right in front of us when this jokers came up behind him and pants him. One minute we were talking to him and the next, we were looking at his d*** standing there in front of us... [more]

I am glad my stepdad won the case in court

I had to go to court to tell my side of the story about my step dad hitting me well he won they dropped the charges and expunged and dismissed him so if any of you say nasty things about this i am going to get you reported

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