I want to make my sister do the fire walk

Hello, I'm a 17 years old boy.
I don't know why, but I feel a strange attraction in observing a female hopping barefoot on hot coals.
Now, knowing it's hard to satisfy such a bizarre fantasy of mine, and since the girl's age doesn't matter so much to me, I thought of using my little sister for that purpose.
She's a pretty little girl about 10... [more]

Caught wrestling and dry humping my girlfriend mom

I was caught wrestling and dry humping my girlfriend mom. We were wrestling and dry humping each other and she saw us do it. Have you been caught?

Public masturbation

I need to confess I was wanking in a public woods with public walk paths everywhere, and I was sniff a pair of dirty smelly panties I buy online and this random women heard me moaning so she came and had a look, the best best things is she caught me wanking and shouted sexy at me… I’m was shocked that I had been caught be she came onto to me and... [more]

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My wife and I love wrestling her best friend

My wife and I love wrestling with her best. My wife and her enjoy rolling around grappling with each other. They put all different wrestling holds on each other. My wife can pin her 3 out of 10 matches. I love watching them in tight jeans and sports bra all tangled together wrestling extremely rough with each other. I like wrestling with her and... [more]

I can't Believe I did this!

A few nights ago I was in bed with my laptop jerking off to p***. I made my way to chaterbate and watched woman pleasure thereselfs as I did the same. I clicked on a video of a young guy jerking off. He had a huge white c***. I was reading the comments... [more]

Charity event at local nude dance club

One of the local nude clubs and one of the sexy clothing shops that sold mainly to dancers teamed up for a charity event. The clothes were mostly sexy lingerie, role playing costumes and thongs and bras. My girlfriend had friends that were participating in the event and she asked me if I wanted to go. The idea was that the participants would model... [more]

Being told you aren't worth a damn and then they fire you

After many years of working at an Insurance company I was laid off for lack of work. I got a job at another company and they fired me for making too many mistakes. Basically at the termination they said in so many words I wasn't worth a damn.
Five months later I got a job close to home where I worked until I was 65.
Maybe they were the... [more]

I was selfish

I was selfish hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient self rightous unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible ungodly unloving lustful flirtatious boastful tyrannical immature unprofessional feminine oversexed disgusting pathetic I lied I was lazy I had a martyr like attitude I used profanity I was manipulative and devisive

Being A Man That Is An Alpha Deep Within But Submissive

Being A Man That Is An Alpha Deep Within But Submissive
#Love #Roles #Loyalty #Relationship #Dedication #Submissive #Surrender
LAWFUL NOTICE: I am 45 years of Age: Just a declaration of my age.
Ever since I can remember how I've always been submissive in one way or another. I've always cared more about the women that I loved at that time. I... [more]

Have any of you enabled your son into obesity?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of gaining weight and being enabled or overfed.
I've seen countless stories and confessions here about wives fattenning up their husbands or enabling them. Seen also confessions about men enabling their wives or daughters into obesity but have not seen yet the confession/story of a father/mother... [more]

Jesus isn't coming back

Spoiler. Revelations is a book of myths. Nothing like tht will ever happen. There is no life beyond this one.

I’m a cheating s***

I’m 24 year old military wife with no kids. I was stationed at fort Stewart with my husband and he was a real ass hole. He was more interested in drinking and games and I felt alone. We were married for a year when I started f****** his friends. They would come over and I would blow them or let... [more]

Gained 200 lbs since marriage

I have gained nearly 200 lbs since I was married 10 years ago. Most of this in the past 5 years. I am horribly obese and carry so much weight in my belly I can barely waddle around let alone exercise. I find myself binging until my belly is stretched full. It takes up my full lap. I am always grunting and groaning as I haul this weight around and... [more]

I want to share my wife

My wife is way too hot for me so I want to share her with better bigger men and even women I want to see her get real pleasure instead of just me.

I masturbated

I masturbated and I used mind projection indicating to women where I work that I'm a sissy boy who likes women to give me strap on d***** up my b******* while I wear women's clothing g-string panties and while I engage in homosexual activities while... [more]

I may have made a 13 year old girl commit suicide

I posted a story on ao3 (an online story sharing website) and in the first two days it got over a thousand views. Then I came across a comment where someone had asked when the story would be updated, and someone responded by saying they would likely post the next chapter tomorrow. I was really confused, because it was in no way their story. So I... [more]

I have a huge rape fantasy

I really really want to be forced into a g*******. I want to get knocked around and choked. I want my clothes ripped off me and a huge black cocked ripping me in half. I want 5 hung black men to make me theirs and ruin me for pathetic white bois.

I'm in love with my friend's wife

I'm married. He's married. We're all friends.
I'm incredibly embarrassed and sickened by how i feel.
My friend was in a car accident and nearly died. I was the first one to the hospital with his wife, and spent 24 hours with her alone being her only support while her husband was moments away from dying on the operating table numerous times... [more]

My aunt

I got an aunt i.m in love deeply in love she knows I want her and she's teases me knowing I want her she flirts with me all the time I jus think shes loves knowing I want her and want to f*** her I jus don't know how to make it

I j*** off to fox news almost every morning.

The local fox new station has some of the sexiest woman. One in particular has made me hard for years. She is 50 years old and has a beautiful face and a smoking hot body. whenever she is wearing black pantyhose I usually have to crank out 2 or 3 loads. I have done this for the past 10 years. I have a feeling I could have filled a 5 gallon bucket... [more]

Why does God get credit for things humans do?

I have athma and I take meds to ease the symptoms and prevent a full scale attack of this horrible disease. The meds usually work. Without these human invented medicines I would either be dead or in misery.
God if he is real could cure the disease entirely but he doesn't. Human invention and science are responsible for all of my treatments... [more]

What do you call, ‘life’?

This may be a tough one for most of you, but what is life and what is the meaning.
Well here’s my shot at what life is.
Life is complicated. Life exists. Life is strange. Life is something we are yet to understand. What is the meaning of life, well to start what is life.
Humans are always scrambling to find the meaning of life, yet we... [more]

It's going to hurt you forever and ever until you die

This isn't a confession rather, it's more of a "if this happens". Well in high school, I hadn't had enough relationships. I've only been in 1 physical relationship since freshmen year; the rest were online. A lot of my Online Relationships have ruined me to the point to where I'm very insecure and scared to throw myself out there or approach a... [more]

Rosario Dawson

B**** is old and saggy, still thinks she's hot.

His girlfriend didn't believe me she was stupid

When I was much younger this guy who was the older brother of my roommate sometimes brought his girlfriend over for s**. He was maried and she knew it. Stupid girl. His wife lived a few states over and asked him to come back to her. After a session of s**... [more]

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