No panties trick used

Someone (not me I am giving a warning) posts on Facebook (and other social media pages I am sure) a post that asks: to name the color of the underwear you are currently wearing and the last food you ate and it is "supposed" to be your "p*** name". That has been done millions of times, BUT the "trick"... [more]

I love to give and take enemas

Hi I am pantydresser and i am very interested in an enemate for enemas with young ladies or guys anytime. I am very experienced at enemas since age 15 and love to give and take enemas with another young person. . I also wear nylon panties and bras and sometimes hose. I use a fountain enema syringe for my enemas and also love young guys to wear... [more]

I hate my mom’s boyfriend

I f****** hate my mom’s boyfriend so g******* much I just want wish he would leave right now. He is an obnoxious little p**** and it p***** me off... [more]

Love sucks

I fell totally in love with a girl a few years ago. She was much younger than me. She was very kinky and not very nice.
During our short time together she occasionally prostituted when she was short on cash. Once she spent a day having s** with 2 couples and several single men for an amateur website... [more]

Can't get over my daughter passing away

My daughter passed away 3 years ago this week and can't move on,I go on chat sites and meet up with guys for s**,I get them to come to my place and im not interested in small talk i just want s**,I've lost count on how many it's been now.I had my nephew come... [more]



Public breastfeeding

My aunt and uncle like to watch me breastfeed my daughter. I know I'm supposed to act like breastfeeding's normal but it's still a little freaky when they want to watch. Sometimes my aunt tries to "help guide" my boobie into my daughters mouth or offers to help her unlatch to switch boobies. I don't think that's normal but it's not like their... [more]

They need more categories to choose from for something like this

When I was in school I had one lecture class that was incredibly boring. The professor was kind of young and to amuse myself, I started flashing my t*** at him, then I started keeping my t** out and would pinch my nipples and lick my lips. It was fun to see... [more]

Sugar daddy insists on getting me a b*** job.

I’m 19 free spirit cali grl vegan livin with a daddy & he wants buy me bolt-ons but I have to get DDs. I’m 32A.
I don’t want some that big cause i’m short & don’t think it’ll look good but Mr R. wants them and i’m stuck with him for now. Mr. R. adopted me when my parents kicked me out and he’s first guy I banged. b4 him it was only girls 4me... [more]

England Is Ill

Born and raised in England, never lived anywhere else, left 2 years ago to live in the country my parents are from (I have dual nationality), came back to visit friends. Have been here 2 weeks now, and I've already been racially abused, accosted on the street by someone with mental health issues, witnessed a bust up on the bus (I promised myself... [more]

Vintage babydoll chiffon/ nylon nighties

Yes, being a male in my middle ages I'm right into babydoll vintage double layer chiffon /nylon nighties and peignoirs with nice long long nylon ribbons .
Yeah I just love wearing these sexy babydoll chiffon nighties, both in bed, around my home, and while watching TV. I have a few nighties that have 3 layers of chiffon, and a peignoirs... [more]

Not what I expected

I did a p***, A REAL P***! I live in L.A. and I am 22 years old. I started dating a gut a few months ago. He is super hot and has a large c***. He was very honest and told me up front that he occasionally... [more]

The only time I felt scared of a woman

This is a long story and it happened last year before I graduated. My best friend at university was being used by a physically attractive but really nasty woman who was studying at the same place we were. I was instrumental in persuading my friend to dump her (long story) something he appreciated but she always bore a grudge against me for it... [more]


I once had s** with a boy in a back room of party. Told him I didn't want to go all the way with him, so he sucked me off and came in my mouth. !God! it was so embarrassing to walk to the bathroom down the hall with face covered with sperm.

Spring break

My boyfriend and I were in New Orleans for spring break and he got me really drunk and when the beads started flying he'd tell me to flash my t***. Then if I tried to pull my shirt back down too fast he'd hold it up and tell guys to suck my t***. Then... [more]

My freshman year

I was bad when I was younger.
My mom ran off when I was 5 leaving my dad to raise me and my 8 month brother.
I went to public school till 8th grade but I kept sneaking off with guys so dad enrolled me in a strict private high school.
Early my freshman year, I was invited to a pool party. At first my dad was reluctant but after some... [more]

I like d***

There's this girl who is a real d***. When I first met her I thought she was a dude and said so to her face. Then everytime I saw her I'd tell my friends I thought she was a dude. Then one time I did this she charged over to me, grabbed my t** and started... [more]

Freaky stuff does happen

I used to work for Child Protective Services in a small city. State employee assigned with investigating and dealing with child abuse and neglect.
And I saw some freaky crap, it is real. There is some moron on here that simply goes around calling posts fake and then labels them "Karen". Which apparently means "I called you that and I am too... [more]

Getting even!

Sometimes getting even with someone is a must or it will eat at you forever. I want to hear from others on how you got back at cheating spouse. Doesn't matter, male or female.
In my case I got my cheating husband fired from his job and handed him divorce papers the same day. After I found out, and confirmed, he was cheating I went through the... [more]

Big booty club

I am a white girl with a big ass! All my friends tease me about it, saying I should have been born black. I have been reading all these posts about girls being owned by, or a slave, to a black male. Have to say I never experienced that. But I have to admit when i go out to a bar my ass id a magnet for black guys! I have dated both black and white... [more]

My uncel is fine looking at me nude

Would i let him touch me hmm maybe, would i let him f*** me hmm maybe

Beyond squirter

I get excessively wet when I get sexually aroused. It has been a problem since puberty and has caused me so much embarrassment.
I know girls that claim to "squirt" during s** but my problem is beyond that. I can simply get aroused seeing a hot guy or fantasizing and I have to change my panties and... [more]

Looked elsewhere for love

I got married 6 years ago when i was 19 and he was 29. At first it was all good then it slowly changed,if i went out he hated it i had to stay in and watch him drink till he passed out, I never complained to him about how rubbish the s** was or how small his [more]

Poker winners vs losers

I moved in with a guy my second year of college. My parents hated him and begged me not to. But of course I knew everything. For the sake of this story I will refer to him as "stupid".
One night I was on the couch watching TV. Stupid had a few friends over and they were playing poker. Small stuff like a dollar limit. Well stupid got talked into... [more]

After Prom with the assistant principal

This is my first post. I had previously read someone’s prom confession and I had a similar experience......26yrs ago….
After some thought, I decided to post my confession.

Long story but my at my senior prom, my boyfriend/date, the only guy I'd been with, got in a fight and the cops came. They took my boyfriend and other’s involved home... [more]

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