Love to be spanked

I love it when my husband spanks me. He is really firm and sometimes it hurts but I love the pain and then the red rawness is actually a turn on afterwards especially if people see my bare red ass up my skirt.

We are old men now

I was in Latin America on business and I walked a couple of blocks to a pizza parlor for dinner. It was not so full and I got a seat at a small table towards the back of the place where I could watch people. In a booth to the side of the place two young men in suits were talking and sharing a beer. One of them kept touching the hand of the... [more]

Massage therapist

I (45 M) started seeing my massage therapist Sabrina (32 F) three years ago. I have PTSD this in turn causes me severe stress pain in my lower back and shoulders. Sabrina and myself each have S/O’s but lately the last three/four appointments she’s been way flirty. I’m not just talking saying flirty things but massaging where I don’t need therapy... [more]

Men in pantyhose

I will like to chat with man in pantyhose

Mom in bondage

Looking toward the house across the road. There lives mom and dad daughter and son. I see three people exit. A girl in an orange jump suit with a collar and huge chains hands behind back and two others with dark blue pants and long sleeve shirts and hats like English bobbies. Upon closer inspection it's mom in chains and the two kids are the... [more]

Not a good friend

I did a really bad thing to a really good friend and now he does not speak to me.
Let me first explain both of us are gay. We have been best friends after we found out about each other. We were comfortable around each other and have even had very passionate s**.
Last week I took him along to my weed... [more]

Pulsing sensation

We had a long day we just got back from swimming she passed out in the bed next to me I'm flipping through Netflix and I find the movie The Girl Next Door with Alicia Cuthbert I start watching it the part where she's in the bedroom stripping and she has on this red thong had me so rock hard I was trying to control myself I put on a [more]

My girlfriend is almost too friendly

My girlfriend hangs out with some old dudes at her apartment complex but for whatever reason has never mentioned me to them. They're old guys but why wouldn't she had ever mentioned me to them? She's not hiding them from me though, but just over hearing a conversation when she was on the phone with me and he's crushing on her. He's mentioned how... [more]

I like getting spanked with his bare hand

He was going to be my third father. My mother met him at her sister's party. He has a company painting houses. The first thing he said was that he expected us, meaning all of us, to respect him. If not, he held his hand out and motioned that he would swat us. The spanking hurt, it was embarrassing that he had pulled my pants down and he swatted... [more]

Mexicans say Mon a lot.

My daughter whose 8 brought her Mexican school friend who is seven over to my house to paly with her dolls. I try to be nice and I pick my child up and ride her pigyback. I put her down and asked the litle latino girl if she would like a piggyback ride and she said yes. I pretended to faint near a small creek running through my property and she... [more]

Idk y I feel like I need this…

I’ve made lots of regrets and mistakes and I feel like a b**** bc I’ve been being one honestly I get away with everything I want n it doesn’t seem right it feels like it f**** me up more…I just wanna be punished bc I feel like I deserve it u know get... [more]

I had one to many and I got my helper on his knees

I'm an installation inspector for my company's equipment and I travel around the country going to customers where we have our equipment installed. I've been doing this for 20 years and the past three years since the pandemic it's been a real problem, we are very far behind. I have a new kid that I'm supposed to train, but I just let him watch, I... [more]

Married male having bi affairs

I have been married for 19 years and have probably sucked about 25 different c**** in those years maybe more. I hook up with guys on doublelist. I prefer men with big c****. Mine is only six cut.

Started Smoking

We were on a camping trip last summer and made friends with the group of campers around us. Some of them were smoking (cigarettes), and I've always liked the smell. For some reason it smelled really good and I wanted to try it. We had a few drinks an I asked to try one. They said it was ok to try, but take it easy so I did. Just breathe a... [more]

My friend had s** with the masseuse in front of me

My best friend and I decided to get a massage together for a girl's night out last week. We went to an Asian massage parlor. We only got one masseuse for a 2hr massage (it ended up being slightly over 3hrs). This girl who was our age and Chinese like us started on me first and it was an okay job and I felt her hands brush against me down there... [more]

Take off your pants

I phoned her and arranged to meet for lunch at the mall. As I was walking toward her I saw that she was wearing jeans and a tee shirt.
I looked at her and said "are you trying to challenge my authority or something" She asked "What did I mean" I said "you are wearing pants" she looked surprised and said "sorry she'd just put them on... [more]

My friend miiight . be attracted to their sister

Ok , so not the full story here , but . i think i saw one of my friends jerking off to a picture of their sister . i have no f****** clue . i genuinely dont . i could ask them about it , but last time i did (aka like 10 MINUTES AGO .) they just walked away and left . i couldnt follow them because... [more]

Mother in law's Panties

Many nights I find my mother-in-law in her panties. It's the panties she wears after her evening bath. As soon as she falls asleep, I go to the laundry basket in her room and unconsciously take the panty she wore that day and go to the bathroom to smell it. It gives off a vaginal smell mixed with soapy smell. At the same time, my ligature is... [more]

Lesson learned from the 'real world'

I'm 39. The number scares me. I'm an 'empowerment coach' for women. I made a living until the pandemic shut down offices and groups, my client base has always been corporations. It's only then that I had to deal from a position of powerlessness. You can't project power if the powerful don't let you. No power structure, nothing to project.
I... [more]

It happened once

My first year old college it was mandatory I had to live in the dorms. Two people to a room. My roomie was gay.He was cool and we got along great.
Eventually the subject came up of "visitors", as in dates, s**, whatever. We agreed to try and give each other heads up as much as possible but also we... [more]

I don't make an issue out of my husband having girlfriends

Ping pong on the deck. I was beating him pretty easily and then I did the girl thing, I backed off and let him win. We were 14 years old, school friends but not going together. He asked me why I backed off and I went silent, I couldn't tell him but he knew I let him. He then asked me what I would do if he was forcing me to have [more]


I want to be a s** slave! I wanna be f***** constantly and be used all the time. Could someone here help me out with this, and if you can then tell me what you would do to me if you had me.

Coercive Control development

Told her that after she has cleaned up after the evening meal, that she must not go off and do things like washing or ironing but that she must first come and see me and let me know that the kitchen duties are complete.
She should plan her time so that she is free to attend to me when I am home. Ironing and washing are to be done during the... [more]

Old is great

I’m a pervert for granny s** . I like old gray p**** hair . I lick old saggy t*** and at times ass and p**** holes! I feel no regrets . I couldn’t wait to [more]

I want to kill myself

I'm a piece of s*** every single day sucks my mom is also sad she's the only thing that keeps me alive she can abuse me if she wants idgaf I'm a f*** up if you want to tell me how to kill myself.

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