On Saturday I slept with Chris who

On Saturday I slept with Chris who happens to be my boyfriend's (Garry) brother... i am definately not proud of this however i do believe that it was a cry for attention on my behalf. I am not asking for sympathy just understanding. Chris and i have a lot of history, we used to date when we were teenagers and have been close ever since. He is the one who introduced me to Garry.

Garry is a sports fanatic like almost all men.
For well over a year i have been asking for him to take me out for a nice dinner or just take me away for the weekend... i am not hard to please, camping would be just fine by me... but there is always some match or some race that he cannot bear to miss, so of course our plans always get put on hold... and are still on hold!

Then there is s**... Before we got together i made sure he knew that i relied very heavily on having a lot of s** which i know sounds vain, but at least i was up front. I made this point clear because it has been an issue for me in the past and i didn't want to get involved with someone i was not compatible with. He played my game until he knew that i had fallen head over heels in love and then he told me that he gets no pleasure from intercourse and only enjoys foreplay. This has lead me to feel absolutely useless and also makes me question myself, because let's face it, what man doesn't enjoy s**? I used to be very confident in bed and now i often question my sexual ability which i now know is very much existent. He refuses to seek any help even after me pleading with him. So therefore our s** lives pretty much consist of foreplay and maybe a minute or two of actual intercourse once a month if i'm lucky. I do love this man so very much, and i know he loves me he just has trouble dividing up his life into managable areas. it all seems to fall under "Garry's Hobbies, Sport, Horse Racing" and i hardly ever seem to factor in anywhere.

I have tried and tried to get him to cut out a bit of sport and take an interest in the bedroom to no avail.

Anyway, the point is that Chris spent the entire night in my bedroom while my Garry sat downstairs with his "buddies" watching his precious sport not even taking the time to notice that i was upstairs having s** with his brother in "our bed" for over 2 hours...

I love my man so much and feel some guilt however i feel that he has been cheating me for years - with sport and horse racing.

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  • Leave. You need more than he can give you.

  • Get into sports and he may be more attracted to you

  • I agree, go find someone who is sweet and good in the sack!

  • As a guy, I can tell your that there are men who love to be with friends more than women. Sounds weird, but I have seen it many times and usually the guy has freinds and sports as priorities over their girlfriends or wives. I once had a best friend who love sports, played on every type of team and just loved to hang out with the guys while his girlfriend, who loved the h*** out of him. All he wanted was someone to s****. He treated her just like your boyfriend treats you. My advice, which I told my friends girlfriend, was to step to the back of the plane, jump out and pull the parachute. Theres an old addage in psychology that goes, "the greatest predictor of future actions in people is past actions". Your guy will never change and I would suggest, as you seem to be a decent woman, that you run like h*** before you waste one more moment on him.

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