Premature ejaculator

My partner of many many years is a premature ejaculator. He never gets me to reach o***** because it seems to be over as soon as it starts. We have been avoiding s** lately, as it is a bit of a failure. Our whole s** life has been a fizzer the whole time we have been together.

He will even c** during foreplay, and when he does we don't even make it to having s**. Once he is done, we are done. I want to feel sexually satisfied, but he just can't get me there

Does anyone have any suggestions to bring passion??

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  • I had this problem for most of my life. When I was younger I used to c** in about 10 seconds, but I would stay inside and would recover soon and then I could last 15 min for the second round. As I got older I couldn't recover for a second round and wife was not happy. She talked me into getting a prescription for v***** and when I use it I don't have the urge to c** so quick. Now we can fool around, and even after penetration I can last long enough for her to c** too. An added bonus, it takes about 20 min for it to work so I use this time for foreplay. Wife loves it!

  • I'm jealous. But then i am thinking in terms of c** in my mouth. The more c** the better and the sooner he c*** the better. As for intercourse, that may be a different story. Have you tried giving him head helping him to c** and then getting him back up again?

  • don't let him f*** u until he understands and agrees that u have to c**. tell him u love for him to c**, but if necessary u will make urself c**--and show him how it's done. if he doesn't like it--bite his c***.

  • Explain to him that u also have needs n it shouldn't be over once he's done. That's just selfish.

  • ever heard about fingering or tongue tornado...tell him about there are other remedies search google

  • One can that the Testicles and urethra are to open and they are causing i or his body is creating to much pre-e********** fluid then actually needed. This can be solved surgically for around $ 400 to $600s. But i have a boy freind to and he is the same. If you avoid s** he will part away from you. Just dont make him feel negative about it. Other wise it might just be u and your Left or Right fingers. LoL Phd.Salzman

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