Is this wrong?

I am 14years old - girl. I l*** over older guys like 22yearsold
I want them to take advantage of me, I want them to take control over my body with theirs.
Im a virgin, ive never even madeout with a boy because im not intrested in boys I like men! I talk with the guys I like but, I like good guys that wouldnt do that to me!!! I need to help them understand its ok!! I want him he wants me!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is kinda wrong, but what do I do?

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  • just give me your phone number!!!! LOL

  • let him f*** you up the ass. then you stay a virgin

  • What am I sopose to do, I mean is it wrong to like them, no.
    Is it wrong for me to try to do anything with them no, They are older and they should know better not mee! If they will risk everything for me , ahhh ill proble like them more. and I would never say anything to anyone, no matter what!

  • If you ask the question, "Is this wrong?" Then you know the answer.

  • You are the type who get older guys in trouble over your own selfish fantasies and lack of self-control. You come out of it with a satisfied smile on your face and he gets to spend a few years behind bars.

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