I want to make a little online speech about kindness because PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN TO BE NICER!!
For one, okay. I went to challenge day last year and that changed my life. I learned about sooo many more people who have gone through some of the same s*** I have, and it made me have soooo much more respect for everyone. It really teaches you that you ARE NOT the only one having a rough time. Everyone has gone through something in their lives, so have more respect. Trust me, when something bad happens in a person's life, the LAST thing they want is for someone to be mean to them about something stupid. Even if it's something small, like they stopped in the middle of the hallway. If they did and it bugged you, LET IT GO AND WALK AWAY. They might not have been thinking and they sure don't want to get yelled at for it. So really, please, next time something like that happens, just let it go. I completely opened up at challenge day, I told everyone that my dad died, and I made a speech about racism. Just doing that, and seeing everyone put up their "I love you" signs, made me LOVE EVERYONE. I will admit that some people get on my nerves, but I will never call them out on it because I never would like to be the reason someone hurts themselves, which brings us to
TWO, recently I read the AMAZING book 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. That is seriously the most life changing book!! The book is about 13 reasons a girl killed herself. It told me that you should never spread rumors, or say ANYTHING about anyone, because it gets around and when it gets back to the person it's about, she HATES herself and eventually kills herself. This is also what inspired me to be nice to everyone. I HIGHLY recommend both of these things to everyone, because honestly everyone could use a little improvement in their lives to be a better person. So next time you give someone a dirty look or say something about someone, just think, how would you feel if you found out someone said something bad about you? What would you do with yourself? Would you think of what this girl did to herself in 13 reasons why? So please, everyone, take this to heart and put love before hate.
I'm out. <3

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  • Wow Jeff, you're just a self important a****** aren't you? You can't regulate people's behavior simply because you get hurt, deal with it like the rest of us do.

  • Please don't call people a*******. Let alone on my post. I'm sure Jeff wasn't trying to be an a******. Thanks.

  • Carey- that was great what you said! It would be nice if people could think before they speak cruelty. I'm sure they would not appreciate the same remarks said about them whether to their face or not. I am glad you learned from the book 13 Reasons why as I believe many have.
    Have a happy day and just keep treating others as you would like to be treated, not like the sarcastic anonymous who posted previously!


  • Thank you Jeff! I really appreciate you commenting and saying what you think. I definitely will keep treating others well, and you have a great day as well. :)

  • You sure can go on and on and on, Carey. And it's tough to keep up with whatever point you're trying to make. But it's cute and fun. That was nice, wasn't it?

  • Wait are you being serious or sarcastic?

  • I was seriously being nice. Now Jeff is being mean to me.

  • Oh okay. Well I'm sure Jeff took it the wrong way, it is really hard to read people's tone over text, so maybe you sounded sarcastic but didn't mean it that way. Happens all the time. :)

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