Mean girls

Ive been dating for like 6 yrs and it seems like the girls i like best are the ones that are realy bitchy and that are rude to everybody and who treat me like s***. i have no idea why that is but i just finshed braking up with a girl who was super nice to me and i went back to the one before who broke up with me bcuz she was already dating somebody else she never told me about. even tho we cant actualy date but she hangs out with me when shes not with her real b/f and whan she feels like it or doesnt have anythng to do. my friends say im crazy and maybe so. i dont know why i like it but the more this girl is ugly to me the more i love her.

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  • I thought only girls went for "bad boys" who treat them like garbage. Isn't that what the neckbeards are always on about? Turns out the opposite is true too, just like all things in life! #mindblown #notreally

  • Well, then, you won't EVER have any problem finding women. They're ALL b******......every last one of them. Selfish, dramatic, filthy, retarded b******.

  • ^ ***INCEL ALERT*** ^

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