A long lesson from tallboywitshortpants!

Hey guys. Im a youtube artist. and I just want confess that Im really hurt by everything thats happening to me. I met my ex online on Youtube and we have never met. Im 17 shes 14. It was weird because I was expecting for our relationship to ever go as far as it did especially on the internet jeez! But I was just talking to her because I always reply to youtube users who comment on my videos.
But anyway, over time we began talking every single day. I used to be soooo excited to talk to her after school! I didnt know what she looked like for a long time. But she seemed like such a sweetheart. I mean an angel from out of this WORLD! I knew I really liked her. After about 7 months of daily talking, I finally call her and ask her out. She says YES! im the happiest dude on the planet!
Our relationship was strong and loving, I wouldnt trade her for anything in the world. I knew God put her in my life for a reason, and I wanted to respected and love her like no one else ever could.
Over time her REAL self began to show... She was more sarcastic and rude. I found out she likes to troll on the internet (be and idiot and treat others like crap just to p*** the other person off for their own entertainment). I told her my experiences with that - I got trolled BAD once and ever since I didnt really like them. So my ex HID the fact for a looooong time that she trolls. THEN, im already stressed out because shes not a virgin. And trust me, when your feelings get deep for someone and you are waiting for marriage, thats gonna bother you. and shes ONLY 14 GOTDANG! We met when she was 13!
But I told myself no matter WHAT im gonna stay by her side and love her like no other, like Jesus would. But it just hurt because she seemed not to understand really. Then she began to act like she didnt want to be with me anymore recently, it was hurting me so I thought i would help her by breaking up :'(
I felt terrible, I still loved this girl, I still thought there was a chance and maybe this was just a mistake. But no, she proceeded to push me away. I was worrying because she NEVER tells me whats on her mind. She kept texting, "I dont know", "Im fine" and all those lies.
But heres where It gets interesting, I found out through her cousin that she been talking to this 24 year old MAN! and theyve liked eachother for the past 2 weeks (we broke up 3 weeks ago), so the WHOLE time i was trying to fix things, and she kept leading me on thinking there was a chance to make up, NO she already had her eyes on a grown man...
It destroyed me. Im depressed like crazy, but i always try to be positive to help others out in there situation, i typed all this for YOU guys to let you know that YOU are not alone. My heart has been ripped out of my chest. But the thing is.... Now, Im glad im out of the relationship. I learned that people can alter themselves so easily over the internet to hide the real them.

SO! Tallboywitshortpants' lesson to you is, dont be so easy to trust someone over the internet, because whether intentionally or nonintentionally, there are alot of fakes. And they will destroy you if you are not smart.
ALSO, when you are looking for love - the person that you are in love with must love you unconditionally, and no matter what happens, you must be willing to be by that persons side no matter what happens. Mean what you say, and say what you mean. And on a final point - Make SURE that the person you are looking for reaches ALL of your standards, if you let your standards down you could end up like me. When you want a virgin - search for a virgin, dont try to settle down for one who is not. If you want your woman to be of a certain believe (I want my to love Jesus, not saying that all people are like that) MAKE SURE she believes. Watch how that person acts around others, watch them you will see the real them eventually.
Finally, love others and you love yourself. Im typing this out of love for you guys to help you. And make this world a better place by what you have learned from your past.

-tallboywitshortpants (Bill)

Jul 6, 2012

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  • I cant tell your a smart dude, it hurts for this to happen, but trust me, by the spunds of it, it seems you deserve waaaaay better. Keep your head up.

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