I'm slowly drinking myself to death and I don't care any more. I'm too gutless just to end it. I have nothing to live for.

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  • i have been there. take a day. be hung over. take another day and be awake and aware. life is difficult. it always will be. you have given up and that, in and of itself, is a huge gift. you are not obligated to be what anyone else wants you to be. you have carte blanche. if AA works for you, then take that path. if not, then let me tell you that after more than a decade of excessive drinking, death picks its time. you will die when it is ready to take you. i know that what you feel is real. and the way out is yours to find. please know that there is a way out. it will be difficult but it will be worth it. keep trying. one day you will find a way but you have to keep on looking.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous is the way to go. i was in your boat about a year ago.

  • I bought a really really good cd once. Man, it saved my f****** life! Literally. I'm a slave to the music. Join the cult of music vibers and slowly put your bottle down

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