So i have this boyfriend, we've been

So i have this boyfriend, we've been going out for 4 months. I love him, but he acts to immature sometimes, and all his friends annoy me.
We rarely have any time alone because all his friends (and he knows alot of people) are always around bothering us and "playing around" with him.
When we do have alone time theres always something that brings me down or annoys me (im easily annoyed) and so the whole time is spent in this awkward silence because he thinks I'm mad at him.
Now I dont know if it's that I'm jealous or just attention hungry or something, but I always go home in a bad mood.
Like right now, I know this afternoon will be starnge between us.
He has this "game". Really lame. Him and his friends seem like a bunch of 5 year olds. They "play shank" and just keep hitting each other. And well he ends up sore and his friends laugh. And I'm just there quiet. It's like I wish I didnt know him because hes doing this in public and I could never, whether I wanted to or not, I could never just make a fool out of myself on purpose like he tends to do daily.
So I don't know what to do. Now he's going to walk me home and it's going to be all awkward and quiet like usual, because I was quiet and looked p*** during lunch. He'll ask what's wrong. I'm going to say nothing and then he'll just be quiet. Hopefully, he won't cry like last time.
I feel bad, and like all I do is make him unhappy. He constantly looks unhappy around me. But then again, I look unhappy all the time. I'm not unhappy I just wish I didn't know him sometimes.
How do I get rid of that feeling. I want to enjoy my relationship with him. I mean, he's been really good to me. He treats me like a queen most of the time. And I wish to treat him the same because he deserves it. I just cant with that constant bother of him acting like a complete idiot around his friends.

What should I do?

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  • Are you 5 years old? Wtf?

  • Get rid of him and let me f*** you up the ass..

  • Sounds like you dont even really like him if he irritates and embarrasses you so much........

  • Dump him and find an older guy.

  • He, and his friends are juvenile. You may have matured more than them and realize that you can waste a lot of your life being stuck in a track and just going through the motions. Wake up, and explain that unless he joins you, he's bye bye.

  • Not all opposites attract unfortunately...

  • I would suggest that you start thinking about moving on. Seems as though he is immature and still needs to grow up some before he is ready for a real relationship, and the fact that you both seem misrable around each other is a good indication that you are both operating at different levels. Time to break up.

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