I hate you

Every time I think things are going ok, you prove me wrong. You shouldn't be talking to her. Not unless you're going to take the s*** you take out on me on her. Then it's ok. But you won't. Because you're only nice to people that don't really know who or WHAT you are. You're completely untrustworthy. Forget you. You would never let me speak with S if you knew he was my boyfriend for like two weeks in highschool 20 years ago before we decided to just be friends. But YOU jerked off on a webcam with this b****. And you can still talk to her. Cuz somehow there's different rules for you because you're a b**** ass momma's boy whose ass don't stink.

You make your kids think I'm the reason we're broke and yet it's really because you can't let me out of your sight for ten minutes. I can't get a job because I might have S** with everyone I work with- but that's what YOU used to do. And since that's what YOU used to do, it's everyone else that's suspect. I hate you. You don't deserve me.

Go ahead blame me. But the truth is, when I'm gone, your life will STILL be miserable because nothing about you will have changed. Loser. Then who will you blame? Obama?

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