Retarded old hag

UGH this retarded m************ old ass hag is at my school, and no, shes not even a teacher shes like a helper person. So i will wear a shirt and sometimes it will be those kind of shirts that go off a shoulder BIG DEAL. and this annoying ass b**** keeps walking up to me and TOUCHING ME PULLING IT UP FOR ME like really b****? f****** really, just f****** tell me to pull it up if its that big of a deal but seriously, dont. f******. touch. me. i mean isnt there a rule saying they cannot touch us????!?!?!?! should i b**** at her the next time this wrinkle ass touches me (and its not just me she touches other people too she pulled one of my friends straps before yunno cuz it hurts) everyone hates her.

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  • Lots of people do that to me

  • Wow, i have someone who does that exact thing too. i think all schools just have to go through it but she shouldnt touch you.

  • Repeat after me,"Please stop doing that" politely until she stops.

    P.s. You will get therer3lj too some day. Have some compassion for living a hard life.

  • Why don't you just tell her : Don't touch me old hag!

  • You're right. You should be expelled, and sent to a school that will teach you how to dress, speak properly and respect other people.

  • Where I live...that's assualt

  • You're an idiot.

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