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So me and my mom always get into arguments. I feel that she usually starts them though. She's from Vietnam and she always treats America like its Vietnam. I kind of feel embarrassed too when I go to places with her. My sister even agrees that she has anger issues sometimes. When my mom gets angry, she throws dishes and screams so loud! I get very scared and often think she is going to kill me and my family. Just a though though I hope. Is it normal for this to happen?

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  • Your mom needs help, is she willing to seek help? Not sure what she experienced while living in Vietnam, but she could be dealing with PTSD or even an undiagnosed mental illness. But it would help her and you if she was given the tools on how she could control and deal with her anger and frustration. Your mom could be the instigator. Try not to antagonize her, it may ease the situation a bit. It's normal to show emotion, it's not to throw dishes or to get that angry all the time. Can you speak with another adult/relative that may be able to speak with her?

  • No - its not normal. A lot of Asian people are harassed by demons, etc. Go to a good Bible study where people believe the Word of God, and see if they can help you with your situation - I'm sure your mom doesn't enjoy losing it all the time either.

  • Yessir...them there demons luv them some Asians!
    You f****** idiot.

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