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Im a 17 year old male, and I think I love my best friend. I swear to god she's the most beautiful girl ive ever met in my whole life. She has the most beautful flowing hair and the prettiest smile, I dont even care that she has small chest, I love her! Sometimes Sometimes when were sitting on a bench she moves close to me and her knee touches my knee and Its the small things like that that just make me smile. Sometimes I can tell that she really likes me and we've had at least 4 moments where we could have kissed but I eff it all up by just hugging her. But recently Its like weve been drifting away from me, She's starting to wear kind of slutty clothing and hanging out with a bunch of gangster kids. If im hanging out with friends in the cafe and shes there with her new gangster friends I cant help myself but to keep looking over at her hoping she looks at me too.All these gansgter kids dont even treat her very good, ever time they smack her ass they all laugh and she smiles too, I just want to punch all those guys in the face. I want to finally tell her how I feel but Its like every guys shes with is her new boyfriend, they've always got their hands all over her and its like im being blocked from my friends. I scared I might never be able to reach her anymore.... I know i could be really good to her and tell her shes beautiful everyday and just hold her hand and maybe that would make the world of a difference to her and we could be just happy together.

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  • i know exactly how you feel man Just get her by herself and tell her before its too late and before she she does something stupid
    DO IT!

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