My girl crush..

So the other day, i told my best friend that i think im bi. she thought it was so cute. she looks at me like im a little kid. she is a senior and im a sophomore but i cant help but have a crush on her. she asked me if i had a crush on any girls and i couldnt tell her then. but the next day i told her and she was totally understanding and actually flattered but she said shes almost 100% sure she likes guys. i dont wanna change her at all. shes lucky she can be straight. i wish life was that easy. but im oddly heart broken over this little crush. i know i love her sooo much as a best friend but im pretty sure i love love her as well.

Mar 18, 2012

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  • Its possible you may just be confused right now. Its normal for teens your age to question their sexuality or experiment, but one way to tell if you are truly bi or lesbian is to ask yourself or too picture yourself being sexually active with the same s**. Some people can be confused with the happiness they feel with a best friend for something else when truly its nothing more than a sisterly/brotherly love because thats what friends are for is to keep you happy. You have to remember a relationship is more than just talking and keeping each other happy ( although these are qualities of a great relationship) but its being able to pleasure each other physically as well. Relationships are like a roller coaster, there will be fights ( no matter how good the relationship may be) and there will be fantastic times. Its how quickly you can forgive this person after a fight that matters. Think about the people in your life and who brings the best out of you ( If its a guy or a girl) now take out all the best friends you have out ( they are just friends and are there to bring the best out of you) lastly picture yourself with a person you feel you can live with forever, who can pleasure you both physically and mentally, and you would do anything for. Whether its a guy or a girl this is who you truly love and should try being in a relationship with.

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