If you dont like me just say so.

So one of my friends who ive been friends with since 6th grade is bugging me. when we were in 7th grade was when we were closest. but then i messed up the relationship and we werent friends until high school. we have tons of inside jokes and most of the time we love each other. her best friend is another friend of mine since 6th grade. we were better friends when me and the other friend went out separate ways. but the two are like magnets and are always together no matter what.

anyways i just went to a concert with her and her best friend and we were having fun until i poked fun at them for never taking pictures with me and she said it was cool because id probably break the camera. this isnt the first time this has happened. she calls me fat, ugly, and a loser all the time. shes a very sarcastic person but sometimes its hard to tell when shes being serious. it hurts so much when she says these things but its like she doesnt even notice. i dont know what to do and i just want to scream.

Jun 8, 2011

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  • You're "friend" is a bully. She's obviously insecure and jealous. But sarcastic or not, making negative comments towards a friend is not funny. You can make yourself feel bad on your own, you don't need her chiming in. You are not any of those things she says, just saying we're all insecure and we need support from our friends, not bashing. Don't give her the satisfaction and believe anything negative she says about you or to you. You're better then that. In fact, you'd be better off to let this friend go and go find some friends who have your back.

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