I still feel sad

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me recently and I feel like it's just hit me hard to know I lost her. Even though it was a bit of a long distance relationship. She lives in Ohio and I'm in Tennessee. She's 18 and I'm 17. Now you must think I may be crazy to be like this for how old I am; but for me I really did care for her. We where together for 4 months and she made me feel actually wanted;like I actually mattered to someone. But she broke up with me because we had differing views on religious views. It really stung to me. So I'm trying to forget about her. I've already reconciled with her before our last conversation we had. But it still hurts even though I'm now trying to move on with my life and find someone else. Any kind words or advice would be appreciated

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  • It's okay to feel sad. You're nursing a broken heart. But break ups don't have to be a bad thing. A relationship teaches you about love, connections, people, trust..what you like, what you don't like etc.. And not all relationships are meant to last. It's okay. You're heart will heal. Life goes on. You will find someone else. Everyone is different, people can have different religious beliefs (or political views or whatever..) and it is fine. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want. For some, they learn how to respect the different views and to navigate accordingly. And for others, it can be a deal breaker. There are something you don't want to make compromises on, and that's okay. So take some time. Stay busy and hang out with friends. When you are ready, put yourself out there and someone else will come along. Maybe try someone who is actually in your state and someone you can see in person on a regular basis.

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