What shoul i do?

I am married,male,35,no child yet. I have one wife and she is very good to me. About one year before, one young girl (26,let me call it Sara) joined our company and I think I have fallen in love with her. Sometime I hold Sara's hands, I touched her face and ass, and I even touched her soft belly. Even one time she removed my hand on her lap, I can put my hand on her lap most of times. She smiled very nice to me and her big eyes took my heart. I want to f*** her brain out so badly. Damn it. Now she is dating with one guy,but she didn't stop my touch on her. Sometimes she will pat on my shoulder or grasp my arm suddenly. This really kill me. I can't divorce with my wife because she is very good to me. I will never give up my wife. But at the same time I want this Sara so badly. She is so attractive to me and I think she like me some,right? Can any women offer some suggestion? My heart is broken when I know she is dating with some other guy. What should I do to get Sara? More touch or kiss? any suggestion will be appreciated.

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  • You have a WIFE!! So deal with it adn learn to be faithful. She sounds like she just likes the attention this Sara. Is it worth jepordising your relationship over?

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