What do I have to prove to her that I like her so much? I offered to come all the way out there to meet her, I send her gifts, I talk to her all the time...all of these while I should be focusing on my work. And she knows this. But now, she wants to go to Europe with her friends?? I thought the reason we didn't do anything over the last month was that she said that the summer would be different. We'd have more time to spend together, especially with her friends out of the picture. But now she wants to go and join them? I don't understand. I put up with her little quirks, help her get what she wants, try to make her feel better...but all I get is a thank you and goodbye? I don't understand. Why do I fall for these types? Why can't I find someone who genuinely cares about me just as much as I care about her? What's the point of being a nice guy if everyone just walks all over you? Maybe I should become an a****** like my friends...because apparently that's highly appreciated. But seriously...why does she want to go to Europe? I wish there was a way that I could talk her out of this. If now, I wish I could get over this because this is severely adversely affecting my work. My performance has already gone down too much...but I kept telling myself that I was not wasting time. I was doing something that I enjoyed, for a person that appreciated me and liked me just as much back. Was I wrong? Again...why does this keep happening to me? Is this a karmic payback? I don't recall wronging anyone in the past so bad.

3rd time in a row...this is just sad now.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • She is using you. She wants to go to Europe and have fun getting fuckrd. Do you think all people are nice? Grow up.

  • that sounds like me :(

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