Born Gay? Nah

A lot of people say gays are born that way. Maybe, but in my case, I'm not so sure. I've always been overly sexual- I've masturbated daily since the first grade (now in my 30's). I remember first being attracted to a really cute pretty-boy teen when I was only 8 or so, and though I was already jerking to girls in my imagination, he was also included sometimes. It wasn't until the 5th grade that I really explored my gayer side.\n\nI remember how all the girls really liked this beautiful sun-bronzed athletic cutie named Nick. I was jealous of the attention he got, but was also attracted to him as well. I would m********* daily, imagining I was him, and all the girls would f*** me. It changed when I pretended to be one of the girls in the fantasy and imagined he was f****** me. It was all different after that.\n\nI started looking at all the guys in my class, sizing them up as far as which I'd want to f***, or have f*** me. I found a few "regulars" that I'd imagine routinely... athletic, cute, sexy legs, and for some reason, feet. Their feet had to be nice.\n\nIt wasn't til 7th grade that I acted on my gay side. I had already had hand jobs and fingering sessions with a couple girls, but it was my best friend that I really wanted. One night, I slept over at his place like I always had, and ended up stroking his p****- and he let me several times that night, and he stroked me back. Never talked about it, but it became regular. We eventually got into oral, and it was great til he moved away at 16.\n\nSo, in all, I say it's a choice. Anyone can love anyone- that's normal. Acting on your sexual urges is what defines you as gay or not. I chose to be straight. That doesn't mean I don't have gay urges any more, but you have to chose. That's what separates us from animals. I got my gayness out of the way while I was young. I say do it, then do the right thing.

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