I Screwed Up

My parents were worried that my sister might have stumbled on something on the internet. I checked my sister's computer and found out that she was looking up naked men. She had a whole folder filled with pictures of men and penises. She's still in junior high, so I decided to put a stop to it. But I didn't want her to know that I was looking through her computer.

So I got some materials from online, waited in a chatroom, and pretended to be a pervert. She signed me off the first few times, and I figured she was getting afraid of the chatrooms, which is what I wanted. So I sent her a video clip, thinking that it would finally scare her out of the perverted part of the net.

That's where I screwed up. She responded by sending me a sexual picture of herself. She said that she had thought that I was a cop but sending that clip convinced her that I wasn't. She immediately got into the most vulgar cybersex talk imaginable.

At this point I couldn't get out of it and we've been having cybersex a couple of times a night for a couple of months now. We've traded pics and video clips. She hasn't figured out that it was me. She thinks I'm a 40-year-old married man in another state. She is the biggest pervert I know and has a really dirty mind.

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  • There is something smelly here. Some BS.

    But I'll bite even it is fake.
    In a situation like this, just compress the whole directory into something called DontOpenTill18thBDay.rar with a password. Message will be received loud and clear.

  • Shame on you for getting into this.Should have told the parents as soon as you knew. Better put a stop to it.
    You can be charged as a pedophile and or a sexual predator/offender.

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