Ten Year Old Mistake

When my wife and I first started dating at the end of highschool I went online and pretended to be her. I used to have cybersex all the time when I was in my late teens and when I met her I tried doing it as her. Some friends of mine had also seen her topless at one point from a picture I had on my computer. We knew the people that I had done it with online and one day she heard about it and got upset. When she asked me about it, I lied. Five years into our relationship I came clean and told her what had happened and of course she was very upset. I told her that I would tell everyone it had been me but that isn't what she was upset about. She was upset because I had waited all those years to tell her the truth. So we moved past it and I built that trust back up and never repeated my mistake again. Now ten years together, five years after we talked about it, it got brought up again by me. She never wanted to know all the details so I never got into it with her but I told her it upset me a little that I haven't told her everything. Nothing went beyond what I've said to her, just the details of who and such. I think that's what bugs me. Ever since we've had this conversation again, there has been some stress and much guilt with me that I struggle with everyday. I wonder if it's okay to forgive myself. I know that our relationship is full of love and trust NOW so a mistake ten years old shouldn't ruin that.

Jul 18, 2012

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  • Dude, STOP being so selfish and tormenting her with it by bringing it up! YOUR guilt is not HER burden. GROW UP!

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