wihs I could go back in time

my father had a stroke because of me evil wicked me. sigh i delayed giving him ice water whiel he was outiside mowing he got sick and had a stroke god Im sorry I wish 90% of another stroke because of me thats what the doctor said he could have another one oh man I really screwed up there's no way Christ can forgive me.

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  • It's not your fault it's the strokes fault

  • Hey, you did NOT ** up. Was your father tied to the lawnmower? Could he have gotten the water himself? My grandfather used to do ** like that, he was more interested in people worrying about him then about how they might feel if he got hurt. He would mow lawns in 100 degree weather, start building something and use dangerous shortcuts, especially if there was anyone to worry over him. Finally one day he had a heart attack in the middle of a crowded bank. The workers called 911 but there was a traffic problem so he died before he could get CPR. He failed to take care of himself for so long and he died because of it. We all make choices, don't blame yourself for your father's stubbornness!

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