You think they had that party to spite you. Maybe they did but it's so silly- the FIRST thing you did was assume they were doing it on purpose to spite YOU. Maybe they were celebrating- celebrating the fact that you're out of their life for good. And why shouldn't they? What did you do that was so great? You're so blind- you think you're God but in all actuality, you treated her like s*** and they all had to watch it until she was finally strong enough to tell you to f*** off. In fact- YOU are the one that did it for her (and them) when you knocked her ass the f*** out. But you are so melodramatic- such a drama queen. Who gives a f*** what they are doing? You cut yourself out of their lives by your own hand. And what are they supposed to do? Hide? Not live? Let them party. Let them party loud. Go feel sorry for yourself. What's it gonna do?? WHY THE F*** DO YOU ASSUME IT'S OTHER PEOPLE'S JOB TO FEEL AS BAD AS YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE THE ONE WHO F***** S*** UP? Christ, would you PLEASE grow up. Then you text Jen who you know would feel sorry for you. She's an enabler. You don't need people to let you off the hook on this one. You need sympathy because your puppy died, that's one thing. But this? Yeah, what happened was bad- but you did it and it was a year ago- so grow up. D******.

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