I work at a food processing plant and have done for a few years. Recenlty things came to head with my friend and I after we had been harrassing some black workers there for months. i can see it was a dumb thing to do what we said, the jokes we made (cannibals), slurs and it all came to head when I damaged some material and managed to give them the blame.

Ok, so we process food in large vats, that we joke our our jacuuzis. At midnight one Sunday at the end of the shift Dave, my friend and I were ready to leave and the black guys, around 10 of them, called the pair of us back to help them with the problem. We were like "f*** off" but they seemed convincing so we both thought what the h*** we will go back and show the pair of them up.

We did and we asked them was the problem was and they said "us", after a lot of yadda-yadda they dumped the pair of us in a vat of warm water in just our birthday suits. I was so embarrassed and angry but they left the pair of us to stew and calm down for 1/2 hr then came back and joked and laughed at us for 10 minutes before leaving us with just our wallets, watches and carkeys.

I finally got home around 2am and thankfully the wife and the neighbours were asleep.
Later that week I asked them why they did it and they said to make us feel humilated like we had made them feel. I had no idea it was that bad and finally shook hands with them.

I honestly now treat everyone there as equals and with respect. It is so much easier to work there now.

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  • Can you hear the sound of FAAAAKEEE!!!!

  • I call ... bullshit.

    Now that you've learned humiliating someone is bad, perhaps you can focus your attention on ... honesty.

    Get a life, shitface.

  • Bullshit. This reeks like lies. The "moral" at the end of the story is too hollywood... "I had no idea it was that bad"... gimme a break.

  • Some need a lesson like this to open their eyes. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Thats because you're all f*** who thinks everyone should tiptoe around everyone's feelings. welcome to the jungle bith, i'm KING!

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