Need Some Advice please??

The first time when i had s** it really didn hurt too bad and then i had s** with the same person about a month later and it didn hurt at all. Then i had s** with a guy who is now my ex boyfriend and it was fine no pain at all, but then i did it with a guy i use to talk to a while but we never had s** and when we did it hurt and took a while for him to get it in. Now im with someone else and we tried to have s** but it was hurting and he couldn get it in either and im just wondering why now all of the is it hurting and hard to even get it in?

Jul 31, 2010

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  • Like someone else said it must be the size. big ones hurt.

  • Were they putting it up ur a*** hole can be tight

  • Have you tried some means of lubricant to assist?

  • I think your an idiot^ anyways it could be the different sizes that are hurting you. Maybe the first few were kinda small and now the others are bigger

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