Pls help me out...

I feel i have done a mistake and i feel very guilty for that.
the issue is that once i was in love wit a guy(say sam). both of us knew we could not end dis love into a official relationship. yet we were in love and were good frnds.
I had family problems due to which i had to get married when i met another guy( say ram). I was not in love with him but still i was getting very close to him on phone which made him think that i would agree to get married to him. My mistake was i didn even tel him that i was not in love with him. He fell in love with me and also he convinced his parents that he would marry me. I knew all this but yet i didn stop him.
one fyn day ram(the second guy) came to know abot the first guy(sam) . And ram was really very bad to me aftr knowing dis.
And now both are not in contact with me but i really feel sorry for both. I want to ask sorry and forgiveness.
Now my lyf is normal and calm. And i know why i did such mistakes hurting those two guys. it was my situation which made me do that.
i know sam ll nevr hurt me even if i contact him and ask sorry. but i fear a lot about ram, if he reacts in opposite way and spoils my present normal lyf?
i really want 2 ask sorry but how. ll it not affect my present lyf if i do that.
plz guys do comment and help me

Feb 21, 2012

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