Okay so..

I am a bisexual girl and I have a major crush on a girl I met casually on a photosharing site. We are best friends but she lives really far away. She and I send letters and emails to each other every now and then just to talk.
I have a friend 'Nina' who recently told me she was bisexual and hates it when I talk about my internet best friend let's call her 'Lisa'. She says that 'You're never going to meet her in real life so why do you say you love her?" When the fact is next year we are planning on meeting during the summer. I went over to Nina's house and we were talking about why dogs like their stomach rubbed and then she starts rubbing MY stomach and gets and low as my panties waistband and as high as my bra. i think she has a crush on me but I think of her as a friend. I don't know what to do!
should I just ask her if she has a crush on me because I'm afraid that's going to ruin our friendship.

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