I don't try to look nice because I want

I don't try to look nice because I want people to like me for my personality. I use to wear make up all the time, dress in semi-nice clothes, but then I got lazy.

My hair is usually bad, I don't put makeup. I haven't got new clothes in 2 years. Then I read a book about the importance of apperence and now I'm feeling even worse about my apperence.
But i have no money, so can't buy new clothes or makeup or get my hair done.
Oh well.

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  • None of that really matters. Friend of mine has gorgeous, natural "wrong side of the tracks" type beauty..She's incredible, and, hates being told how pretty she is. No makeup, only dresses ok when in her work uniform, hair is nice but not overly done. Been told she could be modeling if wore some makeup and highlighted her olive skin and bright, green eyes. Just has no interest in putting that much effort into herself. Still one of the most beautiful women I know.

  • You should start dating a zombie. They don't care about your looks, they love you for your brains.

  • Grammar Check == I think you might be the definition for the word "UGLY".

    Have a nice F****** day, Ugly!

  • Your just a ugly putrid b**** get over it!

  • i've always thought inner beauty matters more than outer appearances - when you feel confident and good about yourself, that shines out no matter what you look like on the outside. if you have low self-esteem, that shows too, no matter how much make-up you wear or how you dress. if you want to do your hair or wear make-up, or even if you don't, do it for YOU, because it makes you feel good, don't do it for other people. when you learn to be happy with yourself, that joy will draw other people to you naturally, and they'll see just how beautiful you really are :)

  • Don't worry about it. The book you read just probably is trying to promote things and get money out of you. Relax up a bit and continue to be your lovely self. You don't need clothes or make up to do that. Like you said.. people will like you for your personality. And you will find a guy that thinks the same. ;) love your life!

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