Careful what I wish for

Well I told her a few times that I was interested in trying this but it never happened...until now. First off, I'm male and submissive. She is half my age and dominates me. She teases me lots by getting topless in front of me, making me help fasten her bras or hand her clothes and makeup. Even makes me buy her makeup and clothes. She changes in front of me but always turns away so I can't see. She then often makes me change into her clothes while she watches and even takes pics. Well the other day she was quite dominant when she ordered me to her house later at night. When I got there she simply told me to strip completely. I did and was quite embarrassed as she looked at every inch of my naked body, even more embarrassed when she handed me a little short pink frilly skirt and said to put it on then then have a nice walk home in it because she was keeping my clothes. Now as if that where not enough, she said to start jerking off and as soon as I was fully hard I was going out the door. I was so humiliated by jerking off in front of this young girl and then watching her gather my clothes up then obeying as she ordered me out the door. Once home I sent her a text and her reply was that my clothes where now hers and so was the video she made to share with some friends. I found out the next day that a few girls we know now actually had copies of the video and described everything that was on it to me, she wasn't kidding. I got what I wished for even though I now feel embarrassed at how many know and saw what happened.

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  • Wow! I would love to be dominated like that by a girl. I'd dress on her clothes and suck and f*** other guys if she demanded so. To be dominated by a younger woman is so hot. Embrace it, enjoy it.

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