For almost 7 years I put up with you. Now your gone. You won't leave my head. NOT because I love you but because no matter how I try to not hate you and let it go I can't. So here I am venting to the world. Telling you this. Your a peice of crap. I spent all my twenties listening to you. You held me as a prisioner in my own life. I had no friends, I stopped talking to my family and sister. I gave up everyone important to me because you are insecure and jealous. You abused me and used me. Your a horrible person. I hope one day you feel all the pain physical and emotional like I did. And you know what? You were wrong. I did find someone else. Someone who treats me like a princess and loves me. I want you out of my head and out of my soul. I want to close my eyes at night and not see your ugly face. I can't spend my life hating you anymore because I have to much to live for. I have my family, I have my friends and I found the love of my life. So I wish this for you. Everything you gave to me. Pain, suffering, solitude, abuse, insecurity, doubt, hate, a broken rib, broken nose, three fractions in my neck, a burn, a fractured skull, debt, all of it you can have it back. AND MOST OF ALL I WISH YOU ETERNAL UNHAPPINESS!

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  • I have(going through) such a similar problem!i wish it would leave my head... and i wish he/they will have as much pain as they gave me...everyone was against me picking up and moving from the situation (and as if I'm a 'bad sinner' if i don't let myself be abused by him/his fosterparents... And I havn't found enyone who loves me....
    So my words to you is 'you go girl!' and keep strong, you deserve now all the best, (and if possible...) don't let anyone ever take that away from you again. Love, from me.

  • God, you go girl. There needs to be more powerful women like you! I'm glad you moved on <3 Trust me, the wrong he's done to you will come back to haunt him. Remember that.

  • Honey, this story could have come right outta my mind. Its a shame there are so many guys out there that treat us like this. I too have found the love of my life and we plan to get married 11/11/11. I got over the hatred from my ass hole by going to counceling. I went for something totally different but my therapist brought it out of me and helped to me heal my pain and anger and hatred. I no longer walk around with all that inside me. (Don't get me wrong, If I saw him laying lifelessly along side the road I would make a beeline to run over him and just keep going) but I have been able to get past the hate. He is out there ruining some other girls life right now. I tried to warn her but thats all I can do. She will have to learn for herself. Meanwhile, Im living the best life with my hunny and happily planning our future together.

  • Power to ya!
    Sorry for everything that you experienced, although sorry doesn't change the past.

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