I just want advice

My friend is a liar. She lies a lot and then denies it. I hate it. We stopped talking a while ago and she emailed me asking me how I was recently. I told her I was fine and replied with the same question. She is one year older than me (13) and she told me she had started smoking weed. I don't know if this b**** is trying to f****** impress me or what, but I payed attention in Health class and that is sure not going to impress me at all. I don't believe her, because where the f*** is she going to get weed!? She can't afford it. Plus, her mom would find out.
She also told me she got a new computer. I know she didn't because I checked her IP adress. Plus, her family is poor as f***.

So what should I say? I wanna say something that would sort of scare her but be kinda funny in a way that only me and people who don't like her could laugh about. I don't want to like call her out because then she would just go whine and b**** and repeat basically our whole past.

So, advice is needed please!!!

Aug 16, 2010

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  • you kinda sound like a b****. Trying to think of ways to humiliating your friend.... That kind of an a****** thing to do. Sure she is lieing and making thinks up but she not hurting you. She obviously is lieing to impress you and other people. Don't be an ass hole and make her look stupid. You could be a good friend and ask why the f*** she is lieing about such stupid ass things.

  • Weed isn't the issue. Weed is fine. FOR ADULTS. Seriously. Puberty is hard enough without messing with the electrical motorskills your brain is still developing. Weed will relax you because of the vascular effect of how it relaxes veins and arteries. That is how it is beneficial to someone with glaucoma.

    Another effect is the slowing/controlling of random electrical neuron activity. That is why epileptics and depressed people (not bi-polar people though) can use it to help with their symptoms. Weed is acceptable for medical reasons in over 12 states, and all of Canada. Tens of thousands of people have state issued medical marijuana prescriptions. That is going to include ALL classes.

    Seeing the comments here shows how many are ill-informed about the subject. She shouldn't be smoking ANYTHING right now. Cigarettes, weed, pipe tobacco, anything. Wait a few years for the brain to mature and it should be fine.

    As for it being low-class.... wow. You just don't know enough high-class people if you view it that way. They smoke too... just in private, and you can bet it is good BC Bud or some other superior medical variety. No ditch-weed.

    As for your lying friend... yea, maybe she is trying to impress you with that. Another lie to see how you react maybe?

  • haha, just be like..
    "where are you getting this weed? And my mom was behind me when i was reading this message and is now calling your mother.. "
    i would so do that!
    i have some friends like that! little b****** they are.

  • Leave her alone, don't say anything. If she's smoking weed, that means she's pretty darned low class. It'd be best to stay away from her.
    Oh, and please don't curse. I'm 14, and it's pretty lame to curse just to make you seem cool, cuz it's not.

  • "if you smoke weed make sure your retarted cell brains to get overloaded between drugs and your lies, duces your poor f***." leave it at thy or your a f****** p****

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