Friends? Love? Benefits? Advice Please :(

We were best friends, when I told you I loved you. You kept quiet for a bit and wouldn't talk to me. We talked again, then I said it again, and finally you said why not make it official. I was SO happy. I loved you for so long, but I couldn't help but wonder if you were doing it out of pity. I was too in love to care, even though you lived 2 hours away and would only come up when you could.

The other day you broke it off, saying you tried to be happy, but you couldn't. You wanted to be friends friends...I agreed. Somewhere I knew it was coming. I wasn't sad at all, I still had you as a friend.

I still love you, and I cried a couple hours later, because I knew every "I love you" you said could have been a lie. You want to stay friends, and I said could we be friends with benefits. If I couldn't have your love, then at least I could have your kisses. You agreed. After all...your still just a man.

I love you too much to let go.



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  • F*** that guy and his friends with benefits bullshit he's using you for s** and you don't deserve that. If this guy can't just love you than f*** him and find someone who is worth being in love with. If it were really love you would be best friends and you would have a great relationship. Ditch the dude if he really cares than HE'LL make it work.

  • Get over it you stalker!! Yall are done! No longer together! Get it!! (get it)

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