I lost all my bestfriends to their boyfriends. I stopped talking to all my friends I knew since kindergarden because they turned into the kind of people I stay away from. I honestly have nothing to live for. Every night I go to sleep hoping I never wake up, and when I do I want to cry. I'm so ashamed of myself I can't even tell the secrets behind my sadness. I would have been long dead by now if I wasn't so afraid of killing myself. Everyday I'm miserable and have to pretend I'm happy. I just want to BE happy. That's all I ask for. I've tried to many times to get through this but I'm running out of energy. I don't know what the he'll I'm going to do. I just need someone who has the same problems as me. I just wish I knew where they were.....

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  • Get a boyfriend and stop complaining. Then you can't come on here with your who whoe-is-me bullshit that no one cares about. People like you are the p*** of the world, I have no friends so I want to die. Go f****** make friends.

    Join a club, or some kind of social event. If you're too weird for normal kids, hang out with the anime nerds or ROTC geeks, they usually are weird.

  • Hi my name is Heather I am 22 years old. I have been on both sides of the fence. I have been a loser with only one friend and I have been popular with many many friends. I have been to house parties with over a hundred people, I've walked down the hall way and everyone I pass know my name, and I have been the girl that has sat next to you in class for 7 years you did even know existed. That being said now that Iam out of school I know that none of that stuff matters. It's so stupid to care about that kind of stuff. All I can tell you is I give you props for leaving behind the people that are not who they used to be. Some day you will know that was the right desition. I know it's rough now but all the hard stuff will come and go. Hang in there.

  • ook at the positive and be optimistic. :) Be happy what you have and not what you don't have. Your time to shine is gonna come so please keep that head up! I really care about you :( There's tons of people who have problems like you, they just can't tell someone or a secret website about it like you did.

    And your problem is, you're looking back. KEEP. MOVING. FORWARD. And Don't look back. :) Make new friends, it's really not hard! Trust me, once you learn to keep moving forward I know you'll feel better sweety. Trust me. Just don't kill yourself, the world would be a sad place without you. Those girls will come back. High school love, most of the time isn't real, so they'll come back. :) I love you girl and I wish you the best of luck! Who knows, maybe when you make those new friends one of them might have the same problem. Just don't be scared to tell someone about how you feel. How you feel MATTERS. So tell someone!

    - Your Angel

    PS don't listen to those dumb trolls. They're trying to get a sick laugh out of these serious confessions.

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