Obsession 4

I confessed before, three times in fact. So I'll give a recap.

I get these 'fads' of sexual perversion where I'll be obsessed about one really kinky thing for several months at a time, then stops abruptly. Then I go through three or four months where I'm normal, then something inspires me and it starts again.

This is the fourth time I've put one of my pervert-fads into practice in real life. The first time was a gang-bang in college and I did twenty-two guys in one night and I was sore for two weeks. The second time was a failed experiment with bondage that may have contributed to my divorce. The third time resulted in a three-month lesbian affair with my children's babysitter that ended on a friendly note.

This time the perversion was incest pregnancy. I obsessed about it for weeks, chickened out several times, then found my son reading my secret mom-son incest files on my computer and using a pair of my panties to j*** off. Then it was easy to forbid him to j*** off and instead mount me.

In any case, I've begun week seven. I'm not nauseous this time, but I've had a few mood swings and like my last pregnancy the smell of raw fish makes me heave. My employer knows about my pregnancy, as do a few friends. I told them that I was drunk and that it was once with a stranger.

My son is very attentive and helpful, more so than he used to be. He cooks and cleans and even gives me massages. We used to fight on occasion when his young hormones would act up. Now it's all like a honeymoon.

When I began this project, I had figured that he would be satisfied with pumping me a couple of times a day or so. But not only does he do me several hours every day, but he's the most attentive lover I've ever had. He explores me, is willing to experiment. and seems to find getting me off to be more exciting than his own o*****. Add to this the fact that I'm still finding the thought of actually carrying my son's baby incredibly erotic, and I'm having the best s** of my life ever.


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  • LOL there is no way that this is real. It's too fake, and if it isn't then that's f****** nasty.

  • This is TOTAL bullshit - this website is ConfessionPost.com people - not creativewriting 101...

  • This has to be fake.

  • yes it probably is like 80% of the confessions on here.

  • I'm thinking 99.9% myself

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