My Feelings

I feel so sad. So lonely... like I let everyone in my life down. My parents... Friends. I'm shy, which makes my parents angry. I just want to tell them that I'm sorry I'm not the perfect girl you always wanted. I need some advice. I'm too young to feel this way. I love you whoever you are for reading this.


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  • I would find something you like to do and no matter what it is do it

  • Stay a virgin as long as you can. That thing between you're legs will get plenty of use once you're married. Also "Seamen" has a way of changing a girls lifestyle.

  • If you're looking for love don't go to a drive-in movie with guys you don't know very well. Fingering hurts & can be dangerous.

  • Well "My feelings" there's an old saying - "Keep you're legs crossed & not much bad can come to you"? Don't get too friendly with h**** guys, because you know what they are looking for??? Stay away from blind dates.

  • Well Feelings: Some girls just never get enough loving as they grow up. So they look for it with the wrong guys & get into trouble. If you keep you're legs together & stay away from bars & men's clubs you have a good chance of not getting pregnant. Liquor & s** go together, especially when the girl may entice a male in the wrong way or allow him to touch some of her private parts (b******).

  • Have a heart to heart talk with your parents without interruptions. Turn off TV turn off cell phones. No matter what is said do not get into shouting match. First tell your parents to listen and only listen to what you have to say. Then after start with your mom and she can speak and let her finish. Then it is dad's turn. Remember to stay calm for parents for yourself.

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