I am a 16 year old male, and here is my

I am a 16 year old male, and here is my story. When I was about 10 years old, me and my best friend, who was also a male, decided to experiment sexually, having oral and a*** s**. We continued this for about 2 years, we weren't gay, we just did it because it felt good and we were both experimenting our sexuality. I know I am not gay, but because of what I did, it makes me feel like I am. I can't seem to forgive myself and move on, I am stuck in the past, hating what I did and who I am. Is this normal for adolescents to do? I feel different from everyone else because of what I did, and no matter how hard I try I can't forget about it and move on. Somebody please help me, I feel suicidal, pray for me, and give me some advice on what I should do. God Bless

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  • I's normal for young boys to experiment with each other, I would let it go.

  • Yeah, it's normal for kids to try that stuff. Talk to the guy that you used to do it with. He could be feeling the same way, you know.

  • Actually it is normal for adolescents to do that kind of stuff, or so Ive read.
    when i was younger, me and my friend rubber our p****** together

  • when i was younger, me and my friend rubbed our p****** together

  • we've all done things we regret, but im not posting mine on here!
    i wouldnt worry move on learn from it,
    dont feel bad, it's in the past (:

  • totally normal for adolescents to be sexual.
    im a very open person and every person i've talked to about it has agreed with me, they had a "little buddy" when they were younger.
    everyone did
    except im the only one to get caught with all 5 of my little buddies at once

  • Baby, if youve had a d*** in your ass, youre gay. Im a female, though, and I love a*** s**- I have to have it every night- so I can say that I dont blame you for wanting it. Don't kill yourself.

  • You are extremely gay

    Seek Jesus

  • you are probably gay. but these days is ok, not a big deal. be true to yourself.

  • Hold up.

    It's normal for 10 year old males to suck each other's penises and penetrate anuses with those same penises and NOT be considered gay?

    Is this a guy thing? Sorry but I would consider you an extreme closet case. Surely you could have "experimented" with a girl, right? SO you and your friend sucked and ass pounded each other - as YOUNG CHILDREN - for 2 years? It felt good and you continued BUT you're not gay?

    Uh hun.....and if you believe that, I have a bridge in NYC I want to sell to you.

  • its not ok u pretty much h*** raped yo selves

  • It is alright... i know how you feel i can relate to your story in many ways. You are only human and get to live once. What you have done you did it for a reason. You should not feel guilty about your self.

  • well i know it's normal for adolescents to experiment, but i know most do not go that far at that young of an age.

  • Actually it is normal for adolescents to do that kind of stuff, or so Ive read.

  • it isn't normal for adolescents but you shouldn't feel so bad for it. maybe you are gay, there isn't anything wrong with it.. and even it you aren't gay, it was just an experiment, a strange one for such a young person, but i think that people do things for a reason and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it now. please don't commit suicide over this. i've done some things that made me feel the way i know you feel but it isn't worth it i promise you. do you still talk to this person? if you do, you should find out if they feel the same way you do.. it might help you feel better. i'll pray for you, i hope you feel better.

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