Roommate Doesn't Leave

So I'm getting settled into college and I really love it. My classes are pretty managable, I have friends like all over the dorm and elsewhere, and I haven't been really bored since I got here. But my roommate is completely different. We don't really get on each others' nerves, i think. But he DOES NOT LEAVE THE ROOM. Seriously, I think I've had a total of 20 minutes alone in my room since I got here over a week ago. And most of the time I don't like working with someone in the same room. Plus, um...I'm a guy. I need to, you know, *relieve pressure* and there's never an appropriate time!

At first I didn't want him tagging along with me everywhere I went like he did for the orientation and convocation stuff. But now, I'm inviting him to like dinner and frisbee and stuff and he NEVER wants to go, or do anything. I almost wish we didn't get good internet in the room so he would HAVE to leave ONCE.

Frustrated and Clustered

Aug 31, 2010

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  • He'll come out of his shell and start leaving. OR...This is just the type of person he is. A homebody, a hermit. I have both types in college. One guy, never around (and I was fine with it), another, we'd hang, shoot hoops, go to lunch, then he'd go do his thing. And another who never, ever left. Would sit on his bed, watch tv, and eat whenever not in class.

    I had a girlfriend at the time of guy who never left, and it was tough getting any alone time with her with him around. We'd have to go to her room, or, I'd hope, he'd go home for a weekend. Try encouraging this guy to get out, experience things, and, most of all, for the good of your roommate relationship, gotta leave you alone five minutes.

  • College is great isn't it :-)! This crazy roommate story will be one of many to share years from now. Just remember, it could always be worse! Trust me on this one. I've had some doozys (sp?). Living with others, really teaches you about people. This is good practice for future roommates.. how to deal with someone, and you'll see that not everyone lives by the same rules you do for cleanliness, respect and consideration. So it doesn't sound like your roommie is having the same experiences as you...Is he even leaving to go to class? All you can do is suggest to him a schedule where each of you get a bit of alone time in the dorm room a couple of times a week. Of course, you can't force him to leave. But see what he says..and if doesn't agree - your options can be: speak with your resident advisor about changing rooms, or just wait it out..the semester will be over soon enough and then you and some friends can get your own place. Or if you join a frat, you can live in the house.

  • damn :/ sorry dude. my sister just went off to college to.

    Get him a girlfriend?

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