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Never get married,that's the key to happiness! I know some old people when they get hurt, it hurt as if they are a baby but they don't have a baby skin. Most of the time,they are lunatic, be very careful of that! some old people have crush on young single woman like you,and there is you telling them to go away,that's one thing that really make them being possessed, they don't understand when you are being true to them that you really just want to be single for life,they become more aggressive on hurting you. Sometimes you called them retarded for acting like that against you. you know old people get troops maybe not troops but a robotic troops, they force you to marry them,they are too selfish for giving you the freedom you want. they are so bitter and envying you. You giving them warning to get lost cuz you are honest on your feelings that you obviously don't like them! you are just being true, you don't kiss ass as a kat on the road. old people are so evil,never believe them. tell them go find a lost kat on the road,they are everywhere, perhaps there's another whale on the sea. tell these old people to bring ax when fishing,there's must be a big whale somewhere,good luck again.

to young and old men, stay away from me, I'm not interested. relationship is not an every minute of happiness. believe me, it sucks, big obligation! and suitors are now getting bitter about my decision of being single, it's just a d***! It go inside and out,then go sleep inside the coffin, gold are left behind when kissing ass. waiting for it,too needy! your husband gonna be an ugly old man,and here's goes a kisser ass patiently acting nice saving the hopeless old man as if she really cares about him,easily caught cuz she's too needy and too baby sitting fat flat. I hope your husband die quick and shove everything to your open barrel chest!
all yours! just stay away from me, you f****** suitors! I don't need your benefits! FORGET ME AND FREE ME! I am nothing just like as you said. you are too s***** to treat me stupid that I have come to a decision of not getting married to anyone. it's all for good,I am hurt enough,you better set me free. So sorry, go to the sea or road look for a lost cat or a whale,get your ax for easy hunting! you get yourself a kisser ass :P

Sep 2, 2010

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