Love or love to succeed

So i have been with this guy for 6 months and right off the bat went into the"honey moon" relationship becuz we had been threw the same stuff. i finally got a break from dating jerks and he was such a nice guy. but he had a hard time with hygiene. because of it gave me scabies and then gave me mrsa and i was in the hospital for 4 days. he wanted to get married but i freaked out and eventually he agreed to wait. i dont know if he is just in love that he has me(because i am honestly out of his league) or loves me or is just obsessed. he even is got a job after i pressured him to straighten out his life and is supposedly gonna go to college. i dont know if i really loved him but i care about him alot. but i wanna get my life together without that wrong? i feel like he is holding me back. did i make the right choice to break up with him. i am graduated and i am 18..please help.advice

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