There's not happy ending to the Ugly Duckling here.

It just takes one insignificant little remark to make me realize that i'm not what i think i was. I just needed that little thing to hold me up. Now i'm on a spiral down and i feel like there's no one that will catch me. Now every little thing gets under my skin.
The worst thing now is i'm afraid of telling anyone cause i'm known for my confidence, it was all i had and that is exactly what i lost. Now i know i'm the ugliest of my friends. I know that everytime my mother calss me a fat gorilla she's not lieing.
I know that i'll never have him, cause he wants her. She's gorgeous, hot, smart, and perfect.
I know that all my close friends are closer to each other than they are to me.
That's all. I know that nobody probably cares but i needed to vent and this was the only way.

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  • There is something special in you. We all have it, it's just hard to find. Don't give up.

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