Want to be Pregnant

I want to be pregnant so bad. I can't even explain how deeply I want this. Financially we are not in the right place to expand our family so I take the birth control pills every day. Each night when I take it I feel like i'm choking on the tiny pill because I know what it's keeping me from. Every month when I get my period it's just a reminder of what I don't have. Every once in a while I get sick and can't help but thinking the BC didn't work which always leads to disappointment. I wish I could focus on something else- I wish I didn't want this so bad

Sep 30, 2010

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  • Its a normal feeling which all humans have.
    It can be great to have kids. Even if i am male and can not fully understand the desire of a female.
    and there is nothing bad of having one or two children(it will not make any demage to anybody, nor to nature.2 children will let the population constant, no exponential growth. So its ok if a woman have 2 kids or so)

    Its just the society or better said the Economy System that dont let some people to get happy.
    But you can ask for help. i am sure some people can help.
    Also there are diffrent ways of living, For example Farming or homesteading. Just off-grid. It will make a safe and most of all a HEALTHY environment for your children. And there is alot of cheap land outside city (which nobody wants)
    Also there are alot people who are providing informations and assisting. Cause they want to empower this lifestile.

    long storry short: Citys are financialy and Healthwise a bad place. Expensive and poluted, noisy.
    Alot of bare land is cheap to get, and is clean(no poluted)
    It is alot work and discipline to live there. But its totaly doable. And makes you independent.

    So if you want get kids.
    Or be financialy free. search cheap land ( far, far from cities)

    But maybe atfirst you or your husband must work in city or somewhere to pay off the land and tools.

    its totaly doable.

    good luck

  • You are an intelligent being, not just a mammal-beast that's a slave to its impulses. ACT LIKE IT.

    I got through my biological clock years without making unwanted babies, so can you. If you're anywhere near as strong as me, anyway :)

  • 9 out of 10 people are too stupid and weak to resist it, so instead of the law of nature, it's the stupidest and weakest who reproduce the most

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