Don't want to resent him

My husband is a good man. Right now we're trying to save enough money to buy a house and not live with family. Everytime I turn around he's getting another ticket or ignoring another bill. I work all day and am working towards my degree so I will be able to have a career. I feel like he doesn't see how hard it is and that he never wants to help me. Everything is on me. The bills, money, raising our child with few exceptions. He's out of work right now which makes it worse. I get up and get our child dressed and fed, lunch packed. Then I have to get him up- which has gotten a little easier. Then I go to work, then to school, and sometimes back to work for my other job.
Like I said he's a good man, but I'm starting to resent that everything is up to me. I left him in charge of some financial matters and was waiting for him to act but he never did. I asked him 2 months later if he took care of it and I got "Oh I forgot" luckily I'm on top of things and took care of it. I don't want to hate him, but the resentment is growing.

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  • ummm we're not Christian so there's no need for me to bring up Jesus. He tries, he does run errands while I'm at work.

  • A "Come to Jesus" talk is NOT about being a christian It means a very serious, honest and frank discussion!

    But ,hey, I really don't give a damn if your lazy, dumb ass,
    good for nothing, ticket getting,loafer, self indulgent, pitiful excuse for not only a husband but a real man doesn't do ANYTHING for his family,he will get worse.Is that possible?The more you take, the more you will get.

    WOW!!! he runs errands? How utterly helpful! I'm sure there is a gold metal somewhere for a grown man running errands.

    If you are going to defend him, STOP complaining about him!

  • You said your husband is a "good man" twice.You must be very young.

    "GOOD MEN" do not let their wives carry the whole load.Even if they are not working they at least share half the responsibilities.
    You asked him 2 months ago to do something and he hasn't done it yet!This guy needs a wake-up call!

    You should have a "Come to Jesus" talk with him!Tell him if he does not do his share of EVERYTHING, you will make new arrangements.Tell him what you expect of him, give him a time limit. If he cares for his family, he will do the right thing, if not you have your answer! Good Luck!

    p.s. Stand your ground!!


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