Don't do something you don't believe

Working a job you don't believe in or wish to do will only make you sick. It can stress you out. If you work a job only for the money, then you'll receive just that. A work experience where you don't care about those around you, Loving your colleagues, or appreciating your work done.

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  • I've now retired.
    What do I do with my time? I opened a small shop. I've been operating for 12 years, now, and in that time I haven't taken a penny in wages. It has to pay for itself, but if I have anything over at the end of the month, it goes to charity.
    I meet some wonderful people (maybe one or two idiots too), but on the whole I enjoy getting up in the morning.
    Prior to retirement I hated my job.

  • When the only jobs available are in happy fun places that sell sparkly lollipops and pet unicorns and pay $6000 an hour, sure, we'll join in your sad, scared little delusion that life exists to make us all Feel Good 100% of the time. Just how are you twits being raised these days? Gawd.

  • Workers have a right to go to work without having to put up with leaders who make their life miserable! Already doing the job without the unnecessary dramas is enough.

  • If bosses treated their staff and other people with respect and courtesy, many good workers would not leave their jobs.
    Honesty, loyalty, good communication skills, team work, strong work ethics, comradeship, positive attitude and leaders we can look up to and admire, is what we workers cherish. Working for retards makes our work life unbearable and difficult to handle especially when many are just trying to do their best.

  • Become your own boss so you don't have to tolerate retards!

  • Becoming your own boss means that if you're successful, you will eventually have to hire people. There is no getting away from the retards in this society, there are too many of them!!

  • The problem with some successful bosses (they appear to be successful in their own eyes and egotistical heads), is that employees can not escape these retards! Yes, it is indeed a vicious cycle ~ I couldn't agree with you more! You would have to do it completely solo to get away from some retards. For example, a few careers where you can STOP working for retards are: publicist, window cleaner, interior design, real estate agent, naturopath, personal trainer, life coach, photographer, music teacher, counsellor, personal financial advisor, etc ………….. just to name a few.

  • I was passionate about what I did however, some retards ruined my life because they could not take responsibility for their poor behaviour. Potential employers judged me without facts. I hope you retards all rot in ** because that is where you are all going!

  • Aww, you sweet summer child. You are in so much trouble if your trust fund ever runs out and you have to spend time in the real world. Why don't you go find some random white people to harass just for being white and take a bunch of "look at me being so reflective" selfies? Isn't that what your kind does for ten years or so?

  • Love doesn’t put food on your table **. Most people work to live and not live to work.

  • Selfishness and being a c*** doesn't. Are you even able to keep a job with your mindset?

  • Some bosses are useless at what they do!

  • Whatsa matter sweetie, did the big bad realistic perspective make you feel sad? Aw, have a cookie.

  • I wish you would choke on your food when you eat, scumbag!

  • So fierce! Much scary! Ooh, wow!

  • Retards who have no idea how to treat their clients or workers
    Everything they do is shoddy
    Treat workers as if they have no voice
    Are unable to communicate effectively with anyone
    Reckless behaviour, lying and stupidity is part of their modus operandi
    Dickheads who are not worthy of respect or honour
    Sick games and playing the system is how they believe the win

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